State Legislation Team

About the Team

350PDX works to help ensure that the State of Oregon adopts policies that are commensurate with the need to rapidly, aggressively and justly address climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible as soon as possible.

For the current legislative session, we are focusing on turning Portland-area legislators into climate champions. The majority of these representatives and senators support action on climate, but often they are supportive or “good votes,” rather than the climate champions we need. With letter-writing campaigns and meetings with legislators, we will be impressing on them the deep concerns of many of their constituents regarding climate change. 350PDX is working in concert with coalitions of organizations to draft strong climate policy and to plan rallies and lobby days in Salem in order to pass the strongest climate policies that reflect the scientific reality of the climate crisis.

Our Purpose

Ensure a habitable planet by reducing all greenhouse gas emissions to zero as soon as possible, fostering agriculture and forestry practices that maximize carbon sequestration and increasing resilience in our built and natural environment, while achieving a just transition to an economy based on renewables.