Fighting the climate crisis means fighting against all the systems that fuel the destruction of our planet, including white supremacy, colonialism, imperialism, classism, heteropatriarchy, and more.

The 350PDX Solidarity Team works to organize in the intersections of climate justice and social justice movements, through genuine partnership and coalition building. We seek real power shifts and transformational change. We engage in both action and reflection as we work to avoid recreating the same systems we seek to change.

We’re a new team, just getting started in the last half of 2020, and we’re starting off by focusing on the following issue areas: racial justice, immigration justice, anti-imperialism, and indigenous sovereignty. 

Through our hub-and-spoke model, the team has campaign representatives who focus on one of these issue areas and stay up to date on the ways that 350PDX volunteers can show up for these issues.

Current Focus

  • Climate Justice Intersections webinar series where we focus on each of these issue areas and the groups leading that work locally and regionally, and the connections between these issues and the climate crisis. This series will serve as both a way to uplift the work of our frontline partners, and to educate our volunteers and base on issues of intersectionality
  • Educating ourselves by compiling and sharing resources within the team
  • Making connections with groups working on these areas, to understand better where and how we can show up in solidarity best

As injustices in our community and around the world are amplified and exacerbated, we see their being a greater need for 350PDX to be an active ally. In order for us to truly uphold ourselves to the standard of solidarity that we promote, we need to be ready to take action when asked.

350PDX’s mission is to tackle the root causes behind the climate crisis, and oppressive systems are root causes of this mess we’re in. Only by showing up in solidarity and building a united movement of movements will we be able to end the climate crisis and build a livable future for all.

Our Team
We’re a new group and on the lookout for new members! We’re looking for volunteers who are…

  • Committed to anti-racist values and centering the leadership of frontline communities
  • Interested in digging deeper into campaigns that further racial justice, immigration justice, global solidarity, and indigenous sovereignty
  • Excited about being in coalition with partners
  • Interested in facilitating meetings, creating agendas, and/or working with other volunteers and helping them find their place in the movement

** This team is currently on pause as 350PDX is doing organizational-wide strategic planning. Thank you! **