Portland Clean Energy Fund

The Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF) means:

  • Taking action on climate now

  • Increased solar power for homes, schools & businesses

  • Job training for low-income workers to transition to good paying jobs

  • Energy efficiency projects & reduced utility bills

  • Accountable oversight we can trust

In 2018 Portlanders passed this historic ballot measure with 65% of the vote! This was the first people of color lead environmental ballot measure in Portland’s history, and 350PDX played a vital role in building the coalition, writing the policy, collecting tens of thousands of signatures to get it on the ballot, and campaigning, canvassing and phonebanking to get it across the finish line. We are now involved in the implementation of the fund in collaboration with other groups in the PCEF coalition and the City of Portland.

What is PCEF?

The Portland Clean Energy Fund is bringing $54 to $71 million in new annual revenue for clean energy and clean energy jobs in Portland. Nonprofit organizations, alone or in partnership with for-profit companies, schools and/or other government agencies, can apply for grants from this revenue to weatherize homes, install solar and other renewable energy projects, provide job and contractor training, expand local food production and build green infrastructure in Portland. The revenue is raised by a new 1% business licensing surcharge on the Portland revenue generated by retail corporations with over $1 billion in annual revenue and at least $500,000 in Portland revenue.