350PDX NW Fossil Fuel Resistance Successes


After the historic passing of the Fossil Fuel Policy Resolution, the Fossil Fuel Policy Code was written up by the city as the means of making this resolution binding law. Initially, the Policy Code fell way short of the resolution that promised to ban all new fossil fuel infrastructure within the City of Portland. However, following a strong citizen response led by 350PDX, alongside other Climate Justice groups, the proposed code was improved and on December 14th, 2016 City Council voted 5-0 putting into place the nations first ban on all new fossil fuel infrastructure. To read about this successful campaign, visit the Action Page – click here!


Over 100 people blockaded the rail tracks in Vancouver, WA on June 18th. Organized by the Fossil Fuel Resistance Network in response to the recent oil train derailment in Mosier, OR, the action united voices from across the region in concern not only about the potential local impacts of continued oil-by-rail, but also about the immediate and critical threats of carbon emissions and climate change. To view the Mosier Action Page click here!


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Passed the nation’s most progressive and comprehensive ban on all new fossil fuel infrastructure in November, 2015.

“No new fossil fuel infrastructure’ is the right rallying cry for this moment in history, a stand that would galvanize the rest of the planet and demonstrate where the future lies.” — Bill McKibben. To visit the Fossil Fuel Policy Resolution Action page click here!


The Break Free (From Fossil Fuels) action in Anacortes Washington was part of a coordinated global ‘week’ of 30 actions across a dozen countries.

The Pacific Northwest Action spanned 4 days from May 12th – 15th and included trainings, workshops, events, beautiful art, 3 marches, kayaks on the water and a railroad track blockade that lasted 2 days. All together an estimated 2500 people participated. To see the Action page for Break Free click here!

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Participated in 350.org’s Road through Paris campaign. Over 750 people showed up to events throughout the fall and early winter calling for grassroots solutions to the climate crisis. To see the entire Road through Paris Action page click here!


Led a coalition of groups who used creative resistance to oppose Shell’s plans for Arctic Drilling and blockade the Fennica, Shell’s Arctic Icebreaker, for 48 hours garnering international attention to the issue of arctic drilling. Weeks later, Shell pulled out of the Arctic and President Obama cancelled Arctic drilling leases. To see the full action page click here!

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Worked in a grassroots coalition in Winter and Spring of 2015 to defeat a proposed propane export terminal by Pembina Pipeline Corporation.

350PDX is helping build the green line of resistance against new coal, oil and gas projects in the Pacific Northwest. To view the Pembina Action Page click here!