In order to stop the climate crisis from getting worse, we have to keep the remaining fossil fuel reserves in the ground. The Pacific Northwest is currently facing many active proposals for new fossil fuel infrastructure that if built would lock us into the fossil fuel economy and its carbon pollution for decades to come. The Fossil Fuel Resistance team seeks to stop new fossil fuel projects from being built in Portland or to service the Portland metro area, and to engage in regional fights to stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure in the PNW and beyond!

What does the Fossil Fuels Resistance Team work on?

Stopping local fossil fuel infrastructure

Stopping regional fossil fuel exports and new major pipelines, power plants, and refineries

Stopping fossil fuel infrastructure built to service the Portland Metro Area

Making major polluters pay for the costs of the climate crisis

Rapid response campaigns

Do you live in the Blast Zone of Zenith’s Oil Trains?

Use the map above to see if you live in the “Blast Zone,” or the area most at risk in the event of an oil train derailment and explosion.

The oil inside railcars is highly pressurized, and trains can derail and explode, causing dangerous repercussions to our local communities, our health and safety, and our environment. From Lac-Mégantic, Quebec in 2013, Mosier, Oregon in 2016, and most recently in East Palestine, Ohio in February 2023 (not oil, but still a dangerous train explosion) — derailments unfortunately have occurred and will continue to, since transporting explosive, chemical-laden fossil fuels at high speeds will always be inherently dangerous. (Learn more here from the Sightline Institute: A Timeline of Oil Train Derailments in Pictures)

Many living near these rail lines may not even be aware of these potential dangers, and should a derailment or collision happen, few local governments even have the equipment or trained personnel to deal with an accident involving large amounts of such volatile materials.

If you live in the Blast Zone, your voice in this fight really matters. You have a personal stake in this issue and City Council should personally hear from you. Use the phone numbers and email addresses above to share your concerns with Portland City Council.

CURRENT CAMPAIGNS + Action opportunities

We always need people to:

  • Be a team member and support our campaigns
  • Help run meetings
  • Show up to hearings, write comments, give testimony (and teach your friends & family how to!)
  • Write! Blog posts, website, letters to the editor, & other educational pieces
  • Event planning – including rallies, actions, and other community building educational events
  • Do public speaking and presentations to schools, neighborhood associations, other community groups
  • Represent 350PDX in coalitions
  • Develop direct action skills
  • Help with data tracking, website maintenance, or creating maps
  • Track other local policies to stop fossil fuel infrastructure
  • Help with research & power mapping of existing facilities and proposed facilities
  • Take on leadership opportunities on all our new campaigns
  • …and any other skills or interests you may have!

Join us to stop fossil fuels and fight for clean energy in Portland and the Pacific Northwest!

We meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 5:30 pm, and our meetings alternate between virtual on Zoom and in-person in our office in the Rebuilding Center on Mississippi Ave.  (2nd Tuesday meetings are virtual, 4th Tuesdays are in-person). To get the zoom link, information on joining the in-person meetings, and/or to sign up for an orientation to the team, reach out to one of our team leads, Melanie, at