350PDX Fossil Fuel Resistance

In order to stop the climate crisis from getting worse, we have to keep the remaining fossil fuel reserves in the ground. The Pacific Northwest is currently facing many active proposals for new fossil fuel infrastructure that if built would lock us into the fossil fuel economy and its carbon pollution for decades to come. The Fossil Fuel Resistance team seeks to stop new fossil fuel projects from being built in Portland or to service the Portland metro area, and to engage in regional fights to stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure in the PNW and beyond!

What does the Fossil Fuels Resistance Team work on?

  • Stopping Fossil Fuel Infrastructure in Portland
  • Stopping Fossil Fuel Infrastructure built to service the Portland Metro Area
  • Regional fights opposing fossil fuel exports and new major pipelines, power plants and refineries.
  • Rapid response campaigns.

We need people to:

  • Writing: blog posts, website, letters to the editor & other educational pieces
  • Show up to hearings, write comments, give testimony (and teach your friends & family how to do it to!)
  • Event planning – including rallies, actions, and other community building educational events
  • Do public speaking and presentations to schools, neighborhood associations, other community groups
  • Represent 350PDX in coalitions (ex: no LNG coalition, stand up to oil & gas)
  • Develop direct action skills (action planning, execution, jail support, media etc)
  • Track other local policies to stop fossil fuel infrastructure
  • Help with research & power mapping of existing facilities and proposed facilities
  • Take on leadership opportunities on all our new campaigns

Get Involved!

  • No particular skills/experience required

Help Stop Carty Gas Power Plants!

Portland General Electric is proposing to build two new huge natural gas power plants at the Carty Generating Station to power the City of Portland!

On the heels of Portland saying no to new fossil fuel infrastructure in city limits, now we’re saying no to new fossil fuel infrastructure built to power the Portland Metro Area.

In order to have a livable planet, we need a fossil freeze and an immediate transition to a renewable energy & conservation based grid. New fossil fuel plants means climate chaos.

New gas power plants will lock us into fossil fuel power and its greenhouse gas pollution for decades to come, displacing the transition to renewable energy.

LUBA Challenge to Fossil Fuel Terminal Ban

The Fossil Fuel Industry is challenging the fossil fuel terminal zoning amendments passed by City Council last fall.

The Western States Petroleum Association, the Portland Business Alliance, and the Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council are appealing the Bulk Fossil Fuel Terminal zoning code amendments the Portland City Council adopted on December 14th to the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA).

350PDX is proud to officially support the efforts of the City of Portland and our allies at Columbia Riverkeeper, Portland Audubon, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and Center for Sustainable Economy in opposing the industry challenge to the fossil fuel terminal ban.

Read more about how we’re fighting the appeal on our blog, and more about the appeals process here.

Want to take action to protect the fossil fuel infrastructure ban?

Call the office of Ted Wheeler and let his office know you support The City of Portland doing everything it can to defend the Fossil Fuel Terminal Zoning Code Amendments.

Call Ted Wheeler at: 503-823-4120
Email Ted Wheeler at: mayorwheeler@portlandoregon.gov

State Republican Lawmakers are trying to stop local fossil fuel infrastructure bans!

Republican State Representative Buntz filed a bill called for the next OR Leg Session that “Preempts city, county or other local government from enacting charter provision, ordinance, resolution or other provision regulating expansion of infrastructure for primary purpose of transporting or storing fossil fuels.”

The bill gives power solely to the state legislature to regulate expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. This is a direct response to Portland’s work banning new fossil fuel infrastructure. If passed, this bill would supersede Portland’s ban.

Check out the bill’s web page

And read a summary of the bill

Upcoming Fossil Fuel Resistance Events