• Forest Defense

One of the best tools we have here in Oregon to fight the climate crisis is the vast carbon sequestration potential of our forests. Unfortunately, logging currently accounts for almost a quarter of Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions, and mismanagement of our carbon-dense forests has released massive stores of carbon into the atmosphere.

The Forest Defense Team works to fight climate change by advocating for forest management practices that increase carbon sequestration and storage, decrease forestry sector carbon emissions, and improve community and ecosystem resilience in the face of the changing climate.

The Forest-Carbon Connection

Forests are vital in the fight against climate change. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in live and dead trees, on the forest floor, and in the soil.

Forests in western Oregon have the potential to store more carbon by acre than almost any other forest type in the world, but today this storage is severely reduced by intensive, industrial logging practices.

See here for our position on biomass energy, and why it is generally not a good climate solution.

Our Campaigns

When we adopt smart forest management practices, our forests protect us in turn. That’s why 350PDX’s Forest Defense Team is expanding our work to care for our tree friends in Portland and across the Pacific Northwest. Through these campaigns, we’ll keep fighting for a more resilient, equitable Oregon where forests deliver clean drinking water, lessen the impacts of the Climate Crisis, and provide shade for all in the city of Portland.

Defending our forests, water, and habitats from over-harvesting

Join our team

We are a loose group of ten to thirty people with diverse backgrounds, with various levels of engagement. We appreciate every new volunteer regardless of their background or knowledge. Nevertheless, we would love to find more volunteers with strong insights in political strategy on a regional level or communications or organizational skills.

We meet every first and third Monday of the month. Our meetings mainly take place via Zoom; we occasionally gather in-person when the weather is right.