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Communications & Outreach Team

  1. Build community power by engaging people to address climate disruption
  2. Raise awareness about 350PDX, our campaigns, and the climate movement
  3. Connect people through storytelling
  4. Mobilize our passive audience to action
  5. Educate climate activists in the Portland metro region about the political landscape and how the legislation process works
  6. Deepen our audience’s understanding of climate and environmental injustices that affect Oregonians
  7. Create hope through climate action and celebrating our successes and each other
  8. Challenge and undermine the assumption that the fossil fuel industry is necessary
  9. Reinforce the narrative that physics doesn’t negotiate

What we do includes regular tasks such as:

  • Publish the newsletter, including gathering, writing, and editing content.
  • Communicate with the membership through email about actions and meetings.
  • Create and maintain relationships with media: press, bloggers, and other outlets.
  • Connect with other 350PDX teams to help support clear communication within our organization, and getting each team’s information out to the public.
  • Maintain and improve our website, and other tools for communication
  • Craft messages and materials for various teams’ needs.

Cool Projects to Develop:

  • Create an internet radio station
  • Turn the newsletter into a monthly print project
  • Create presentations to be given at schools and other organizations

We need writers, editors, photographers, videographers, web designers and developers (WordPress and Nationbuilder), illustrators, PR professionals, social media mavens, and anyone with a passion for communicating!