Climate Odyssey

Climate Odyssey

Climate justice, as with all forms of justice, is an ongoing journey with many adventures, triumphs, obstacles, and losses.

People may be reluctant to enter into the fray for lack of time, confidence, skills and the potential for intensity and burnout.

To grow a strong and diverse climate justice movement, these concerns of the heart and spirit need to be addressed.

The Climate Odyssey program offers experiences, events, and perspectives that acknowledge the complicated and emotional challenges of climate justice work for those already engaged and open doors of possibility to those who are not yet active.

Come together to build effective community and ongoing solidarity.

When: Coming soon!

Where: TBD

Each night offers opportunities to share focus on one or more of the following

  • Practices for Personal Resilience
  • Growing & Strengthening Community
  • Creative Arts Practices
  • Growing Our Capacity As Allies in the Work of Justice

Past Gatherings

June 6: Radical Gratitude
with Barbara Ford

Gratitude is about more than personal happiness. Radical gratitude practices support our capacity for resilience and solidarity even in difficult times. We will explore the qualities and practices of gratitude that can deepen and strengthen our hearts for the long journey toward justice.

May 2: Meditation for Activists
with Jayna Gieber

Meditation can be a practice for resilience. Rev. Jayna Gieber, Meditation Teacher in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, offers a guided meditation practice designed to support the passionate hearts and minds of activists of all kinds.

April 8: {Special Workshop} Hope Is What You Do
with Barbara Ford

This gathering offers an opportunity to examine our relationship to hope, to our natural emotional reactions to world events, and to new ways of seeing and being in community. Combining creative arts, contemplative practices, movement, and interactive practices, we start to grow a deeper understanding of ourselves of part of a resilient living community striving for a just and sustainable world. RSVP

April 4: Theater Improv for Building Community
with Mary Rose

Improvisation builds trust, spontaneity, and joy among its participants. Actress, singer, and teacher Mary Rose offers an evening of improv to grow our community, deepen our friendships, and discover fun new ways to think about working with unpredictable circumstances. RSVP