This legislative session, we’re proud to be fighting for the Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity, to reduce energy bills, support home upgrades that help keep families healthy, and create good jobs in clean energy projects across Oregon.

The Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity campaign is led by frontline climate and environmental justice groups statewide, including the Oregon Just Transition Alliance. These are organizations in communities that are burdened by energy bills and pollution and who have much to gain from economic development in the clean energy sector. 350PDX is proud to be an ally to this frontline-led campaign.

The Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity Campaign is working to pass 3 bills in the 2021 State Legislative Session:

🔵  Energy Affordability (House Bill 2475)

Decrease utility costs for families already struggling in the economic recession by establishing a Low-Income Utility Rate Class.
Click here for a factsheet on this bill. Click here to view Representative Maxine Dexter’s floor letter on House Bill 2475, including organizations in support of the bill.

🔵  Healthy Homes (House Bill 2842)

Support home upgrades to help improve the health of families across Oregon. Click here for a factsheet on this bill.

🔵  100% Clean Energy For All (House Bill 2021)

Create good, well-paying, local jobs in the renewable energy sector that incentivize local projects that are good for communities and reduce pollution by achieving 100% clean energy as soon as possible. Click here for a factsheet on this bill.

To get involved with this campaign with 350PDX, email and!