Arts and Events Team

“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”

Emma Goldman

As the climate justice movement grows and matures, it’s important to offer a wide range of opportunities to engage in the work. Just as monoculture isn’t sustainable for growing food, it is also not sustainable for activism. People have a wide range of gifts to offer the world, and a variety of levels of involvement to which they can commit. We see the arts and related events, with a focus on relational experiences, community-building, fun, inspiration, and creativity, as a way to invite a broader spectrum of participants, and a more joyful kind of activism. These events may or may not support fundraising for the work of 350PDX, but we see the possibilities for that purpose as well.


The Arts and Events Team for 350PDX produces and offers events and opportunities that invite artists, musicians, storytellers, and other creative folks to participate in events that can inspire, educate, and move our community into action on climate justice. Additionally, we aim to create a variety of gatherings and events that will grow and diversify the climate justice community in Portland.

3 Parts of the Arts and Events Team

1. Hands-on art-making (banners, puppets, materials for rallies, songwriting, street theater) to support the activist work of 350PDX

2. Performances/Collaborations- opportunities to reach out into the community with performances/events (theater, music, art) that will inspire and educate the Portland Community.

3. Community-Building Events- not necessarily art-related, but events where people can come together to share their concerns, feelings, passions, inspirations. Including workshops, “Climate Cafes”, and other community events.

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