Fossil Fuel Resistance

The Fossil Fuel Resistance team seeks to stop new fossil fuel projects from being built in Portland or to service the Portland metro area, and to engage in regional fights to stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure in the PNW and beyond!

Oregon Green New Deal

350PDX is part of a broad coalition working towards an Oregon Green New Deal. In January 2019 this coalition put together a 7-point platform for what an Oregon Green New Deal would look like. Learn more about our Green New Deal team.

Portland Clean Energy Fund

The Portland Clean Energy Fund is bringing $54 to $71 million in new annual revenue for clean energy and clean energy jobs in Portland. Nonprofit organizations, alone or in partnership with for-profit companies, schools and/or other government agencies, can apply for grants from this revenue to weatherize homes, install solar and other renewable energy projects, provide job and contractor training, expand local food production and build green infrastructure in Portland.

Defund / Divest Team

The Defund/Divest Team of 350PDX is part of the international’s campaigns with a Pacific Northwest orientation. We focus on financial defunding of the fossil fuel industry along with institutional and personal divestment.

State Legislation

350PDX works to help ensure that the State of Oregon adopts policies that are commensurate with the need to rapidly, aggressively and justly address climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible as soon as possible.

Climate Odyssey

The Climate Odyssey program offers experiences, events, and perspectives that acknowledge the complicated and emotional challenges of climate justice work for those already engaged and open doors of possibility to those who are not yet active.

Come together to build effective community and ongoing solidarity.

Transportation Justice

The 350PDX Transportation Justice team advocates for an urban environment in which the personal auto is obsolete. Rapid, frequent public transit connects affordable housing, jobs, and food sources.


Communications & Outreach

The Communications & Outreach Team builds community power by engaging people to address climate disruption and raises awareness about 350PDX, our campaigns, and the climate movement.


The Arts and Events Team for 350PDX produces and offers events and opportunities that invite artists, musicians, storytellers, and other creative folks to participate in events that can inspire, educate, and move our community into action on climate justice.

Neighborhood Teams

Neighborhood-based teams make attending meetings easier and allow us to better develop strong community… in our local communities! We’re excited to be able to work closely with neighbors towards a fossil fuel-free future, and we want you to join us!