Divestment: Stop Investing in Fossil Fuels

We are a part of the national Stop the Money Pipeline Coalition. The Coalition targets banks, insurance companies, asset managers and institutional investors. Check out the Stop the Money Pipeline’s News Updates to see STMP’s campaigns.

Q&A with Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read on May 5th, 2021 led to the Defund/Divest team starting the statewide coalition: Divest Oregon: Reinvest in a Fossil Free Future. If you want to be engaged in Divest Oregon, or want to receive Divest Oregon actions and meeting announcements, join the Divest Oregon coalition’s mailing list.

There are no monthly meetings of the 350PDX Defund/Divest Team at this time.

For personal investment decisions, check out these links:

  • Move Your Money out of banks that fund the fossil fuel industry.
  • Stop using insurance companies that insure and invest in the fossil fuel industry.
  • Join our campaigns to encourage divestment by local educational institutions.
  • Educate your community organizations such as churches and foundations to look at where their funds are invested and move them out of fossil fuels.

The 350PDX Defund/Divest Team has been involved in multiple efforts to divest local institutions. Are you interested in getting a divestment campaign started at your school? Contact: taryn@350pdx.org for more information, including from our national ally, DivestEd.

Successful Divestment Campaigns by our Team