Defund: Sub-Team Groups

The Defund Team has the following groups that work outside of monthly meetings to prepare for actions and outreach to the community.  Join Us!

  • Task Sub-Teams

    • Direct action planning
    • Research
    • Outreach: Public Speaking & Tabling
    • Volunteer Coordination
    • Liaison with other local groups
    • Media (Social media & Traditional media)
  • Campaign Teams

    • Banks
    • Insurance
    • Asset Management

Current Campaigns & Actions

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We need folks to:

  • Get the word out about what’s happening locally, nationally, and internationally with the Stopping the Money Pipeline work via social networking, and direct communication
  • Liaison with other groups locally and nationally around fossil fuel defunding
  • Plan events – including community building, educational events, lobbying efforts, and direct action campaigns
  • Speak publicly to community groups and activists
  • Develop direct action skills (action planning, execution, jail support, media, etc.)
  • Maintain ongoing actions and campaigns
  • Help with research on local banks, insurance companies, and asset managers
  • Take on leadership opportunities on new actions and campaigns