Stop the Proposed Tesoro-Savage Oil Terminal

The Tesoro-Savage primary proposal is currently under review by the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC). Additionally, the Tesoro-Savage Joint Venture must apply for a Notice of Construction Air Permit and an Industrial Stormwater Permit. We expect EFSEC to open public commentary periods for these permits in the coming months.

EFSEC is expected to make a recommendation to Governor Inslee regarding the Tesoro-Savage Oil Terminal in early 2017.

If built, the Tesoro-Savage terminal would be the largest petroleum export facility in the U.S., transporting around 360,000 barrels of crude oil by train daily through Washington. The risk this facility poses to both public safety and the environment has created widespread community opposition to the project in the hundreds of thousands, with the largest public comment period in January 2016 generating over 275,000 comments. The Tesoro-Savage Joint Venture also submitted an application for an NPDES Construction Stormwater Permit, which was opened for public comment in November 2016.

Despite massive opposition from the people of the Pacific Northwest, this terminal persists as a possibility. Recently a representative from the terminals consulting group controversially justified the terminal’s safety issues by saying, “When a spill occurs, new economic activity occurs to clean-up contaminated areas”. To continue to learn about the ways you can contribute visit Columbia River Keeper.