State Legislation Team

About the Team

350PDX works to help ensure that the State of Oregon adopts policies that are commensurate with the need to rapidly, aggressively and justly address climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible as soon as possible.

For the current legislative session, we are focusing on turning Portland-area legislators into climate champions. The majority of these representatives and senators support action on climate, but often they are supportive or “good votes,” rather than the climate champions we need. With letter-writing campaigns and meetings with legislators, we will be impressing on them the deep concerns of many of their constituents regarding climate change. 350PDX is working in concert with coalitions of organizations to draft strong climate policy and to plan rallies and lobby days in Salem in order to pass the strongest climate policies that reflect the scientific reality of the climate crisis.

Bills We’re Working On:

HB 2020 – Clean Energy Jobs
(Last updated March 2019)

We need everyone’s help to ensure we pass the strongest, most effective Clean Energy Jobs bill possible. The fossil fuel industry has been highly successful with its fear mongering. Their lies, especially in rural areas, have convinced many that their fuel costs will skyrocket. Media ads against the bill are also galvanizing the opposition. We cannot compete with fossil fuel’s deep pockets; we can rely on our grassroots to raise a loud voice in support of making polluters pay.

We need to flood our legislators with personal letters, emails and phone calls throughout March. Even if you have contacted your legislators in the past, please contact them again as the month of March is critical. Here is a link if you need to determine who your legislator is or need their contact information:

Over the past few weeks the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction held public hearings around the state They heard residents from around the state speak for and against HB 2020. You can review testimony in Meeting Materials by date on the Joint Committee pages in OLIS

The most important message to your legislators needs to be: don’t let the fossil fuel industry weaken HB 2020. We need to make this bill stronger!

Below are the improvements we encourage you to raise in your communications with your legislators to make the Clean Energy Jobs bill stronger:

  1. Cap emissions at 55% reduction from 1990 by 2035 and 100% reduction from 1990 by 2050
  2. Limit the total share of free allowances to no more than 25%
  3. Allow No Offsets. Agriculture and Forestry emission reductions should be the focus of separate legislation
  4. Ensure a decision-making structure that is transparent, equitable, and accountable.
    • Ensure Impacted Communities are represented on the Program Advisory Committee and the Environmental Justice Task Force
    • Strengthen the decision-making power of these two committees
    • Ensure strong guidelines and oversight of Transportation Decarbonization Investment Account
  5. No exemptions or EITE status for new fossil fuel infrastructure
  6. No exemption for fluorinated gases from the semiconductor industry
  7. No exemption for municipal waste incineration
  8. Limit free allowances for electric utilities to only those reductions resulting from the RPS and Coal to Clean Programs
  9. Promote specific allocations of funding for the Climate Investment Fund and Just Transition Fund
  10. Promote a benchmark for EITE’s based on 80% of sector-average emissions per unit
  11. Maintain the provision that revenues from sale of free allowance can only be used to strengthens existing utility-based EE & RE and low-income rebate programs
  12. If Offsets are allowed, ensure that emitters cannot use them in areas with poor air quality, and promote a strong Protocol Advisory Committee to stringently oversee offset programs to ensure they are additive, verifiable, and effective

See more details about all these goals here