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$1,144,189.08 personally divested locally from the fossil fuel industry so far!

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I am one of the co-leads for the 350PDX divestment team, and I had worked with the divestment team for nearly two years before I divested myself.
What was holding me back? Well, if I’m being honest, it was mostly the quite tiny amount of money that I had in my IRA.. just over $4,000 to be exact. It felt like too much work for not enough payback. I mean, really, what is $4,000 to the fossil fuel industry? I’m sure they could spend that much money in a matter of minutes.
So, it just wasn’t a priority. It sat in the back of my mind for years, always somewhere on my to-do list, but never anywhere near the top. And then eventually I realized that NONE of us have enough money to individually matter to the fossil fuel industry. You could divest a few million and they wouldn’t notice… not even a drop in the bucket for them.
However, when you get enough individuals to divest…..a million dollars here, $4,000 there….it starts to add up. It’s the collective power that begins to make a difference.
So, I divested. I called Green Century. I filled out a form and they transferred my account from Janus to them. The whole process took about 20 minutes. And I have been nothing but happy with the switch so far.
I still feel guilty for waiting so long to divest, but am proud of myself for eventually making it happen. It was easy.
So.. I am inviting YOU to join our collective power. Tell the fossil fuel industry that YOU won’t be contributing to their demise of the planet. If enough of us join together, we can make a difference. Together we are strong!
Check out our resource list on our personal divestment page for tips and strategies for your own divestment!

By Taryn Oakley

I divested from Wells Fargo bank by refinancing my mortgage with local credit union. Amount divested: $160,000.

By Jane Huey

I opened an Amalgamated Bank account and transferred most of my savings over from US Bank. I also closed my Acorns investment account, because they don’t have a strategy around environmental or social responsibility, which is not okay with me.

By Laura Nash

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