Personal Divestment

$876,689.08 have been divested as of TODAY, as self-reported by our supporters!


Why?  Use your money to support your values!

Check out your bank here

4 Easy Steps to Move Your Money to a Values-Based and Local Financial Institution:

1. Open an account at an institution that shares your values!
2. Order your new checks and debit card.
3. Move your automatic deposits and payments to your new banking institution. Look at your current bank statement to make your list; contact each and change them from your old bank account to your new account.
4. Close your Mega-Bank account AFTER you have allowed time for all automatic withdrawals to be moved. And use a customer comment form at your old bank to state that you have closed your account because you don’t support investment in fossil fuels!

When you move your money to a values-based, local financial institution check out the:

· Fees compared to your current bank
· Ways your money will help your local economy by financing local business
· Decision-makers there and their local ties; credit unions are generally owned by their members
· Involvement of the institution in your community
· How your funds will be invested: in productive investments, such as loans in the community, or risky ones, such as speculative trading or in fossil fuel exploration or infrastructure.

Where to Bank?

· Credit Unions: member-owned, non-profit financial institutions that provide a wide array of financial services and generally invest in local communities.
· Community Banks: Many are community minded and invest in their community. Look for one in line with your values.

Some (Easy) Questions to Ask (to get you started!):

Q: At what level would your funds be insured? Is there federal insurance at the general level of $250,000 per depositor?

Q: What is the interest rate of return? What are ALL their fees?

Q: Can you refinance your big-bank mortgage with the Credit Union?

Q: What about availability of ATM machines? Is there membership in a larger no-fee network? Will out of network ATM fees be reimbursed?

Super easy!

If need be you could keep a small amount of your money in a bank’s free savings account to get access to their ATM network.

Sample Letters

Letter to Financial Advisor – Download

Letter to a Manager of a Mutual Fund – Download

Divestment Resources

350PDX does not offer investment advice. If you would like to explore divesting your personal assets from fossil fuels, please read the resource materials linked below and, most importantly, consult with your financial advisor to see if changing your investments is right for you. Selling your holdings may involve financial risk and have unintended tax consequences. You should also be aware that there may be a more current version of some of these resources.

What are some financial institutions that invest in fossil fuels?

Video of October 2017 Forum on Personal Divestment: Doing Well While Doing Good

Rainforest Action Network Banking on Climate Change; Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card 2018.

The Carbon Underground 200 – Ranked by the Carbon Content of their Proven Fossil Fuel Reserves

Find the fossil fuel stocks hidden in the mutual funds in your portfolio or retirement plan at Fossil Free Funds and Trillium guide to personal divestment – Download

CERES letter to the SEC on the risks of fossil fuel investments – Download

Green America –Creating a Fossil Free Portfolio

Go Fossil Free  Roadmap to Divestment

The US SIF Foundation 2018 edition of its biennial report on the scope of sustainable, responsible and impact investing in the United States.

How to free your investment portfolio from fossil fuels from the Guardian’s Keep it in the Ground campaign

Some Resources on Reinvesting

The Carbon Clean 200

Fossil Free Indexes US

Invest in small Oregon start-ups with Hatch

Solar Now for Oregonians

The mission of NC3 is to help move a significant portion of Americans’ long-term savings from Wall Street to local and social entrepreneurs.