$876,689.08 personally divested locally from the fossil fuel industry so far!

The divestment movement is an increasingly important element in the fight against global climate change. Choosing to divest shows commitment to challenging and ultimately changing the system that rewards corporations for destroying our planet.

The 350PDX Personal Divestment page is designed to help you take your money out of the companies who profit off of this destruction while making the powerful statement that you will not stand idly by and contribute to this system.

350PDX does not offer investment advice. If you would like to explore divesting your personal assets from fossil fuels, please read the resource materials linked below and, most importantly, consult with your financial advisor to see if changing your investments is right for you. Selling your holdings may involve financial risk and have unintended tax consequences.

On this page we have compiled sample letters, studies, and additional resources to help individuals in their quest to divest their personal assets and take a stand against global climate change.

Recently, we’ve also been encouraging divestment from banks that are funding the destruction of the planet starting with the Defund DAPL campaign. For some of us it will be complicated to leave your bank and challenging to decide where to go next. The Defund DAPL website has information on moving as well as bank and credit union suggestions. Additionally, we’ve added a Move Your Money Toolkit to the resources below. Please note, the toolkit is from a particular bank–350PDX is not recommending any particular financial institution.

Sample Letters

Letter to Financial Advisor – Download

Letter to a Manager of a Mutual Fund – Download

Divestment Resources

Video of October 2017 Forum on Personal Divestment: Doing Well While Doing Good

The Carbon Underground 200 – Ranked by the Carbon Content of their Proven Fossil Fuel Reserves

Find the fossil fuel stocks hidden in the mutual funds in your portfolio or retirement plan at Fossil Free Funds

350.org and Trillium guide to personal divestment – Download

CERES letter to the SEC on the risks of fossil fuel investments – Download

Green America –Creating a Fossil Free Portfolio

Go Fossil Free  Roadmap to Divestment

The US SIF Foundation 2018 edition of its biennial report on the scope of sustainable, responsible and impact investing in the United States.

350 Seattle’s great page to help you make the switch from a big bank to a values-aligned financial institution.

How to free your investment portfolio from fossil fuels from the Guardian’s Keep it in the Ground campaign

Green Investments Resources

The Carbon Clean 200

Fossil Free Indexes US

Invest in small Oregon start-ups with Hatch

Solar Now for Oregonians

Slow Money starting conversations in their communities about the importance of investing in their local foodsheds.

The mission of NC3 is to help move a significant portion of Americans’ long-term savings from Wall Street to local and social entrepreneurs.