Welcome to the 350PDX Calendar

Discussion: Sustaining Activism in the Long Run

Part of 350.org Global Trainings Week The struggle for climate justice is urgent — and will require steadfastness for the journey ahead. How do we stay resilient in these times […]

Discussion: State of the Movement

Part of 350.org Global Trainings Week From Covid-19 to political tidal waves, the terrain of working on climate is rapidly shifting. Hear global perspectives on the question: Where are we […]

Event Series 350PDX Art Build

350PDX Art Build

The 350PDX Arts Team hosts a monthly art build to create posters, puppets, t-shirts and more for upcoming climate justice actions. Join them this on the second Sunday of the […]

This is where all events, trainings, film screenings, art builds and team meetings will appear. Everything on this calendar is open to anyone, so feel free to come along to anything and everything, even if you’re just testing out a new team. Some ask you to RSVP, and others you can just show up.