Portland Third-Grader Organizes “Climb-A-Thon for Climate Change”

Dylan Beckett, a third grade student at the ACCESS Academy, has organized a climbing fundraiser at the Portland Rock Gym to benefit organizations that promote awareness of climate change. “I was hearing scary things on the news that made me worry about the planet,” Dylan said. “Even if you do something small, it can have a big effect. Now it’s gotten even bigger than I ever thought it would!”

Dylan enlisted his parents, the school principal and other students at ACCESS Academy, and the staff at Portland Rock Gym, to organize a 3-hour Climb-A-Thon on April 4. Participating students who climb will earn pledge money for every ascent that they complete. All pledges will support the local nonprofit 350 PDX and the national organization 350.org.

“I want to show people that even if you’re a kid, if you’re worried, you can do something. You can help,” said Dylan.

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Reed students meets with Board of Trustees for divestment

On February 7th, students from the group Fossil Free Reed met with the Board of Trustees, presenting the case that fossil fuel investments run counter to the values that Reed espouses. In reply, the Board promised to give consideration to their proposal, as reported in the Portland Tribune.

Climb-A-Thon Fundraiser

ClimbAThon“We need to not wait until we are the grownups, because I’m scared it will be too late.”
– Dylan, 3rd grader

While the news about climate change can be really unsettling, working together to make a difference can be inspiring, and even fun.

It started with Dylan Beckett, a third grader in Portland. “I was hearing scary things on the news that made me worry about the planet,” explains Dylan “I felt like I really wanted to do something.” After doing some of his own research, Dylan approached us and asked if he and a group of schoolmates he recruited could organize an event to support our climate work. Read more

The Trans-Pacific Partnership… What’s to Review?

[Our own Bonnie McKinlay spoke recently at a rally to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an international trade agreement that could be approved by Congress without any public debate. If you’re not familiar, Bonnie’s words are are great introduction to what’s at stake.]

I’m here to talk about climate and TPP.

To speak on climate I would review the most recent information — latest science, latest fossil fuel extraction plans, on-going droughts… species loss.

To speak on TPP’s effects on climate, what’s to review? Most of the contents of the TransPacific Partnership are secret. Eleven nations and the U.S. Congress are asked to sign a secret trade agreement that they are not permitted to share with their constituents. This eliminates any opportunity to voice our views on the specifics of the trade pact. The TTP is so secret that our elected representatives must approach it without recording devices of any kind, including paper and pencil.  They are permitted no open debate on the TPP. However, 600 corporate representatives, such as Monsanto and the American Petroleum Institute, have full access to the document. We don’t know much about the TPP. What we do know comes from WikiLeaks and the disastrous history of NAFTA. Read more

Eugene City Council votes to begin divestment

On Monday, January 13th, the Eugene City Council unanimously voted to alter the city’s investment strategy, to divest of all Eugene’s holdings in fossil fuel companies! The initiative was brought to the council by Mayor Kitty Pierce.

Later that week, the OPB radio show Think Out Loud covered the legislation, which is available for listening here (after the jump), and on the OPB website.

Powerful coal export documentary to make its PDX debut

momenta1350 PDX is proud to co-sponsor Columbia Riverkeeper’s showing of the NW premier of Momenta on January 16th!Momenta, a powerful documentary about coal export, was named one of the Top 10 documentaries of 2013 and captures stories from the mines of Montana and Wyoming to the ports threatened by Big Coal. Read more

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