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350PDX at Sunday Parkways in May

A small handful of volunteers brought 350PDX to the Sunday Parkways events in May. Thanks to everyone who helped!
At one of the Parkways events, we collected 142 comments of people asking the Public Utility Commission to make sure PGE doesn’t build new gas electricity generation plants (adding to the 10,000 comments people have already submitted!) Lots of kids were wearing 350PDX pins, drawing adults to come find out what that number meant!

Thanks to Pat for coordination, Rand for early AM set-up, Rand, David, Lori and Jane for excellent comment gathering, Bonnie, Gregory, and Donna for beautiful banners and flags, and other friends and family who stopped by for support!

— Melanie, Fossil Fuel Resistance Team & Maya, Community Organizer

Two 350PDX volunteers sharing information at a Sunday Parkways event in May 2017.

350PDX table at a Sunday Parkways event in May 2017

Oregon’s First Cooperative Solar Project Completed

View of solar at Manzama Mountaineering Center

The Oregon Clean Power Cooperative, together with the Mazamas and local solar installer Elemental Energy, will celebrate the completion of the Co-op’s first solar project on July 11 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. at the Mazama Mountaineering Center (MMC), 527 SE 43rd Avenue, Portland. Solar panels installed by Elemental Energy now cover three sides of the roof of the MMC and are expected to produce half of its electrical needs.

Owned by its members, the Co-op’s mission is to use community financing to increase the amount of renewable energy in Oregon. It is focused on providing solar, wind, micro-hydro and other renewables to nonprofits, schools, local governments and other organizations that cannot take advantage of the tax incentives for renewable energy systems available from the federal government. Read more

Climate Change Snapshots #3

California is our nation’s environmental umbrella. Although the EPA generally has complete authority to set pollution standards for cars, Section 209 of the Clean Air Act grants CA the power to set its own emissions standards for new motor vehicles through the use of waivers, i.e. – CA has the ability to set a higher standard than the federal government. In addition, other states can opt into CA’s higher standards over the federal ones. 14 states, totaling 40% of the US’s population (states in green) have adopted CA’s standards. With such a large proportion of the nation’s autos covered by the higher standards, automakers are forced to abide by the higher standards or lose money making vehicles that meet two different regulations.

For forty years the EPA has granted all but one of the more than 100 waivers sought by CA and the single denial was later overturned.

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May Climate Science News Roundup

With climate change now our daily reality, climate scientists are working hard to understand its effects. And as climate denial and misinformation seems to crop up everywhere these days, it’s more important than ever that we keep tabs of current climate science so we can be effective, informed activists.

With that in mind, each month we be bring you a curated roundup of the some of the most important current studies on climate-related science, from studies on our changing ocean to news about climate’s effects on key industries. See all articles →

Climate Change Snapshots #2

Think of this bowl as representing the Earth’s sea ice (a hyper accurate visual, clearly). It’s 33% gone – and it’s melting fast.

There is now less sea ice on Earth than at any time in recorded history. Since 1980, the Earth has lost about 1/3rd of its total sea ice volume.

To illustrate how outside of normal climate behaviors the earth is experiencing: In December global sea ice extent fell 4.4 million sq km below average, an event eight standard deviations from the normal range. In other words, the statistical probability of that event happening under past expectations of average is 1 in 30 billion, aka: hugely unlikely aka climate change has disrupted what “normal” climate looks like. Read more

April Climate Science Roundup

The first 100 days of the Trump administration saw unprecedented attacks on science, including — and especially — climate science. But researchers continue to work diligently to understand the risks and effects of climate change. This month’s climate science roundup seeks to arm us all with accurate, effective information so that we can work together to save our planet. See all articles →

100% Renewable Passes!!

We had a big win- the City of Portland and Multnomah County both unanimously passed what is one of the strongest 100% resolutions in the country!

The Resolutions commit the City and County to 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and 100% renewable energy in all sectors by 2050 while simultaneously prioritizing equity and community-based renewable development. The resolution also takes a strong position against new gas-fired power plants and other fossil fuel infrastructure, which we’ve been fighting hard for all along, and excludes biomass from public lands as a renewable energy source.

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Support for PERS Divestment is Growing!

The 350PDX PERS* Divestment group has been busy this month. We are currently working on reaching out to the Unions to make sure that we have their support and to ask them to help us build more support by notifying their members of this ambitious task. On the weekend of April 22nd (Earth Day and the March for Science!) I had the chance to table at the Oregon Education Association Representative Assembly. The OEA RA is a yearly meeting of elected representatives of educators from all over the state. We felt very privileged to be a part of the OEA’s event and extremely grateful for their support.

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