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The Political Science of a Solar Eclipse

Path of places in Oregon the total eclipse will be visible August 21, 2017

Solar irradiance on land is about 1000 watts per square meter at sea level on a clear day, like when the moon is not in the way. On the 21st of this month here in Oregon, solar irradiance is going to suddenly drop to about 1 watt per square meter in places like Salem, Warm Springs (momentarily not so warm), and Prineville. Weather will change for a bit, but climate will not. The solar eclipse will help some politicians escape the confusion between the two. Some will be left behind. Read more

Oil Train Blockade Rolls Bakken Tanks to a Stop

Two adults lying down on train tracks with flower pot lock boxes and sunflower-painted umbrellas around them. Behind them, a sign reading "Gov Inslee say no Vancouver Oil Terminal"

Climate Activists set up their blockade near Vancouver

When police arrived at the scene responding to an oil train blockade, what they saw was not a trifold or rally, but a community garden. In a call for Governor Inslee to shut down the Tesoro Savage crude oil export terminal proposal, climate activists locked down in a rolling blockade in front of a Bakken oil train. The lock boxes were built into flower pots with sunflower umbrellas surrounding them.

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City Council Votes to Defend Fossil Fuel Terminal Ordinance

The Portland City Council voted unanimously to appeal the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) decision to reverse the Fossil Fuel Terminal Ordinance. Check out the short video from the City Council Meeting to hear why the City Attorney and all 5 City Council Members want to appeal the LUBA decision and fight to defend the fossil fuel ordinance.

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July Climate Science News Roundup

Calving icebergs at both poles, eutrophication in our coastal ecosystems: more often than not, the current climate science can seem dire. But by arming ourselves with the most up-to-date science, we can be more effective in changing the culture around climate change. This month’s climate science round-up seeks to provide accurate and effective information so that we can work together to save our planet.

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Confessions of a Fossil Fuel Divestment Activist

For four years I’ve been a leader of the Divestment Team at 350PDX but in all that time I didn’t divest my own investments.  I knew I had to do it but I was too busy. It was too complicated. I just couldn’t seem to get around to it. And it weighed on me…

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Portland Just Energy Transition Initiative Goes Public

On July 5th, over a hundred and fifty people gathered at Central Lutheran Church in NE Portland to learn about the Just Transition measure, a measure that will fast-track Portland to becoming a city that is 100% dependent on renewable energy sources. Minutes before the event began, volunteers scrambled to get enough chairs to seat everyone. We all knew that this measure was going to be important and didn’t want to miss a thing. The room buzzed with anticipation, excited to find out how Portland could combat climate change in a way that coincides with social and racial justice.

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June Climate Science News Roundup

It’s increasingly clear that action on climate change in the United States must happen at the local and grassroots level, rather than the federal level. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever that we stay up to date on developments in climate science. This month’s climate science round-up seeks to arm us all with accurate and effective information so that we can work together to save our planet.

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Citizen Groups Vow to Keep Pushing For Fossil Fuel Policy in Portland: LUBA’s Decision Upholds Challenge

July 19, 2017 (Salem, OR) – Today, the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) ruled that Portland’s Fossil Fuel Terminal Zoning Amendments, passed unanimously in December of 2016, is inconsistent with the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Portland’s fossil fuel policy intended to prevent new major fossil fuel infrastructure projects in the City. LUBA dismissed many of the other arguments brought by the oil industry and the Portland Business Alliance against the City’s policy. LUBA’s ruling is likely to be appealed to the State Court of Appeals.

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