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350PDX Joins Nationwide Day of Action to Shut Down Chase

Why is ‘Mr. Monopoly’ hanging out in front of Chase Bank? What’s an oil pipeline doing on Yamhill Street? Do I hear ukuleles and singing? It’s May 7th, the nationwide Day of Action to Shut Down Chase, taking place just one week ahead of Chase’s annual shareholder meeting on May 15th. The 350PDX Divestment/Reinvestment (D/R) […]

Personal Divestment… And You

You want your investments in line with your values. You’ve got some stocks, some mutual funds, some bonds. You bought them, inherited them, married them; your boss buys them for you. You’ve been saving for retirement, plan to retire or are retired.* You know you should be divested from fossil fuels. You know the fossil […]

Oregon’s First Cooperative Solar Project Completed

The Divestment/Reinvestment Team has an announcement about one of the Reinvestment options they’ve found: A community-owned solar installation! The Oregon Clean Power Cooperative, together with the Mazamas and local solar installer Elemental Energy, will celebrate the completion of the Co-op’s first solar project on July 11 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. at the Mazama Mountaineering Center […]

Background on the Portland Socially Responsible Investment Committee

The Socially Responsible Investment Committee spent a year discussing what companies should be on the City’s do-not-buy list with criteria of concerns about the environment, health (including weapons production), abusive labor practices, impacts on human rights, extreme tax avoidance and exercise of such a level of market dominance so as to disrupt normal competitive market […]

Critique of Proposed Investment Policy

On April 5th, Portland will consider changing its investment policy, abandoning the Socially Responsible Investment Committee [SRIC] and adopting a new proposal from Treasurer Jennifer Cooperman. This proposal is inadequate, nontransparent, unaccountable and would contradict Portland’s position as a sanctuary city.

The Divestment Team is more than Divestment!

In fact, we changed our name to Divestment/Reinvestment several months ago. We still work on divestment–currently we are engaged with the Cities of Portland and Milwaukie, Lewis & Clark College and Catlin Gabel School, among others, and have a new campaign to divest PERS, the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System–but a lot of our energy […]

To All Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff of Willamette University

Help us Divest Willamette University From Fossil Fuels! Sign our Petition The recent election results make it all too clear—citizens concerned about climate change must refocus their energies and resources at the state, local, and institutional levels to force action on climate change. We are unlikely to have leadership in this regard at the federal […]

The Action on Climate Trump Can’t Undo

We need to ask Obama to pay the $3B the USA pledged at the Paris Climate Talks to help the Global South deal with climate change. If he does so, Trump won’t be able to undo it. We need to save what we can! Click to sign a letter to President Obama

Foundation Divestment moves ahead–and you can help move it further

This summer saw great advancement in the divestment of Washington and Oregon foundations. In June the McKenzie River Gathering Foundation (MRG) made the fossil fuel divestment pledge at the request our the 350PDX Divestment – Reinvestment Team. MRG is now fully divested. MRG said, “The Board of Directors committed to keeping our investments fossil free. They reaffirmed […]

Hold US Bank Accountable

Last month, over a hundred climate activists, religious leaders, and community members kicked off a week of action in front of U.S. Bank headquarters in downtown Minneapolis, to call on the bank to stop toxic practices that harm our climate and communities. We’re still waiting for an answer. U.S. Bank claims to take climate change […]