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Oil Train Blockade Rolls Bakken Tanks to a Stop

When police arrived at the scene responding to an oil train blockade, what they saw was not a trifold or rally, but a community garden. In a call for Governor Inslee to shut down the Tesoro Savage crude oil export terminal proposal, climate activists locked down in a rolling blockade in front of a Bakken […]

Portland Just Energy Transition Initiative Goes Public

On July 5th, over a hundred and fifty people gathered at Central Lutheran Church in NE Portland to learn about the Just Transition measure, a measure that will fast-track Portland to becoming a city that is 100% dependent on renewable energy sources. Minutes before the event began, volunteers scrambled to get enough chairs to seat […]

Confronting the Whiteness of Environmentalism

Climate justice means hard work. It’s tempting to assign labels or catchphrases to movements. The concept of climate justice or environmental justice has gained massive traction in organizing groups, but as easy as it is to put “climate justice” on a banner, it’s even easier to lose sight of what it really means.