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Attentive Silence: The role of listening in the environmental justice movement

I’ve always been slightly obsessed with listening or making sure that I listen well, do not interrupt, and in general, do not occupy undue space in a conversation. In a world that privileges originality and assertiveness, listening to understand what someone is saying, rather than listening to respond, or come up with a unique perspective […]

Press Release: Industry Attack on Portland Fossil Fuel Policy Fails

Initially published on July 31, 2018 by Nicholas Caleb on Center for Sustainable Economy Oregon Supreme Court Declines Review, Leaving in Place Oregon Court of Appeals Ruling in Favor of Portland’s Fossil Fuel Ordinance July 31, 2018 (Portland, Ore.) — Today, a coalition of public interest groups celebrated news that opponents of Portland’s fossil fuel ordinance have […]

350PDX’s Strategic Goals

This past winter and spring, 350PDX volunteers, staff, and Board members worked together to create five strategic goals that are meant to guide 350PDX’s work. The goals were created with input from across the organization by way of several surveys and meetings with 350PDX general membership and volunteer leaders.    

June 2018 Climate Science Round-Up

Our Climate Science Round-Ups are a compilation of recent news about climate science. In this edition, we pull articles from Nature, the BBC, and The Washington Post about weather trends in the US, plastic found in British mussels, and some key steps that individuals can take to reduce their impact on the earth. 

The Facts about the Proposed LNG Terminal in Southern Oregon

Supporters of a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal in Oregon are at it again, hoping the third time’s a charm. Twice, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has ruled that Jordan Cove is not in the public interest. Now, FERC is stacked with Trump appointees. Could the already rejected terminal and Pacific Connector natural […]

We’re Recruiting Interns for Summer 2018!

Love the climate? Passionate about environmental justice? Come intern with 350PDX this summer! We’re recruiting two volunteer interns for this summer (flexible start date of Monday, June 4th). They will help with development and fundraising at 350PDX, as well as community and campaign organizing. Read on for more info about these opportunities!

Activist News Roundup #10

A monthly curated collection of climate activism news, protests, public marches, direct actions, and related court cases. We are regularly inspired by the creative and courageous resistance we see around the globe, and we hope that gathering the stories here will keep you motivated, informed and connected.