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Activism News Roundup #7

Even for those of us already concerned about the earth and its climate, September’s extreme weather has been a wake-up call. Time is not on our side as we watch so many communities withstand hurricanes and earthquakes, sometimes in rapid succession. It is more important than ever to stay focused, to lift up the brave […]

Climate Activism News Roundup #4

In the last couple of weeks, the landscape of the fight against climate change has changed significantly. The US government has decided to rollback climate policies, including withdrawing and re-writing the Clean Power Plan. An article below describes the landscape of climate change in the United States as “a chaotic map of countervailing efforts.” It is chaotic. […]

Climate Activism Roundup #2

Pipelines are a story. Pipelines are a commitment. From conception to construction, pipelines take a long time to come to fruition, and as the years pass, the fossil fuel industry hopes that the average citizen will not make the commitment to follow each pipeline’s multi-year narrative. It is difficult to mobilize without a clear narrative—and […]