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Support for PERS Divestment is Growing!

The 350PDX PERS* Divestment group has been busy this month. We are currently working on reaching out to the Unions to make sure that we have their support and to ask them to help us build more support by notifying their members of this ambitious task. On the weekend of April 22nd (Earth Day and […]

Portland City Club: Taking Oregon’s Temperature

Portland City Club hosted a public event called “Taking Oregon’s Temperature” at the Multnomah County Library on April 26th. The speakers were Kathie Dello, Associate Director of Oregon Climate Change Research Institute, and Angus Duncan, Chair of the Oregon Global Warming Commission. Ms. Dello outlined the third Oregon climate assessment report, which is created every […]

A Day at the People’s Climate March in Washington, D.C.

We’re bathed in SPF 70 searching for our friends on Pennsylvania Ave. It’s 93F, the hottest April 29 in history, and the Metro, Washington’s subway, has shut down for track maintenance from our Foggy Bottom stop up to Metro Center, so we hop on the shuttle bus with our nephew and his friend. The shuttle […]

Why are We Marching for Science?

Before the Portland March for Science began at 11 AM on Earth Day 2017, this was the question in my mind. Because it was Earth Day and the March was happening in hundreds of cities worldwide, I decided to think about it in a context broader than just Portland or the United States. Here’s what […]

Youth-Led Climate Fundraising Event Makes Quite A Splash

Fourteen local students participated in a youth-led swimathon on Sunday, April 23 at Columbia Pool in North Portland. Sixth-grader Dylan Beckett organized the fundraising event, LAPS 4 LIFE Swim for the Climate, to raise awareness and to help combat climate change. To recruit swimmers, he presented in front of several classes at his school where […]

Climate Change Snapshots #1

Here is the first from a series of snaps I’m doing focusing on some small part of climate change every several weeks: At this point what’s important to me with these postings is to keep engaged with climate change through learning, advocacy and creativity. The posts will range from prescriptive to educational, some hopeful and […]

Portland City Council Votes to Cease Investments in Corporate Bonds

Portland’s foray into Socially Responsible Investing ended on April 5th with the City Council deciding it was too much time and trouble, at least that’s the impression this observer came away with. When the City Treasurer’s proposed Investment Policy came before Portland City Council we were there, many of us wearing orange, with our orange […]