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Art Team – April 2018 Update

350PDX Art Team is between projects, waiting for the PCEF campaign to announce what sort of material design is needed for that action. In the meantime, we are experimenting with large puppet making using paper mâché. On Saturday, April 28th we will have a small Team workshop, lunch, and meeting to hone our skills in order […]

Update on the Clean Energy Jobs Bill (April 2018)

Please join us for our next meeting of the State Legislation Team to build on our successful strategy to ensure all Portland area legislators are climate champions. We will meet Tuesday, April 24 from 7 – 9pm (gathering and socializing starts at 6:30) at the Central Lutheran Church, 1820 NE 21st Ave, in the Fellowship Hall. […]

Activism News Roundup #9

This most recent update takes us far and wide. From a Louisiana swampland put at risk by a planned pipeline, to the front lines of the legal battle against opening up Bears Ears to mining interests, to a Canadian man who has taken it upon himself to check for leaking gas wells in British Columbia. […]

Hurricane Harvey and the Future of Oregon’s Rural Counties

Flooding in Oregon in early 2017 damaged many rural roads. Hurricane Harvey is expected to do the same in Texas; dumping an additional 1-3 feet of rain in the days after 2.5 feet of rain had already fallen in the first three days of the storm. Harvey previews future flood-problems for Oregon’s rural roads, while also lending  insight into […]

Bangladesh In Devastating Climate Change-induced Flooding

Climate Change Induced Multiple Heavy Floods Hit the Same Areas During a Single Monsoon Season in Bangladesh Written by Mukti Rahman, a 350PDX IREX Fellow during the fall of 2016. Mukti has since returned to her home country of Bangladesh, and continues to work to empower women in the work of ensuring access to clean drinking […]

The Political Science of a Solar Eclipse

Solar irradiance on land is about 1000 watts per square meter at sea level on a clear day, like when the moon is not in the way. On the 21st of this month here in Oregon, solar irradiance is going to suddenly drop to about 1 watt per square meter in places like Salem, Warm […]

Confessions of a Fossil Fuel Divestment Activist

For four years I’ve been a leader of the Divestment Team at 350PDX but in all that time I didn’t divest my own investments.  I knew I had to do it but I was too busy. It was too complicated. I just couldn’t seem to get around to it. And it weighed on me…