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Rhianna Lakin: With a Dream and a Drone the Sky’s the Limit

“To be honest, I was kind of scared,” Rhianna Lakin admits over lunch at a little Mexican restaurant near her work “I went far away and took my drone up high…” Rhianna’s telling me about the time she came across illegal gold mining in a small village on the island of Lombok in Indonesia and […]

State Legislation Update

The Capping Carbon Campaign is well underway. Our initial goal set back in the summer of 2016 was to ensure that all Portland area legislators are climate champions. We organized meetings between constituents and their Representatives and Senators and have met with most of our legislators. These meetings have been very positive. All the legislators […]

What the PUC?

350PDX’s very own Mia Reback cut straight through the technical jargon to cap off various environmental and citizen groups’ testimony concerning PGE’s disastrous energy plan at the most recent PUC meeting in Salem. “Where in this process are you adequately accounting for the full costs and risks of fossil fuels?” she asked, and she was […]

Frustration and Hope at Senator Merkley Town Hall

Over 2,000 people attended Senator Jeff Merkley’s town hall meeting at Franklin high school on Saturday, January 28, 2017. It was standing room only in the cafeteria with even more people in the courtyard, listening through the windows. Senator Merkley, a native Oregonian first elected to Congress in 2009, began the afternoon by praising the […]

5 Actions To Take After the Portland Women’s March

January 21, 2017, the day after Inauguration Day, we marched. Women in Washington DC, women in Portland, women in cities all around the nation, the world. And men too. Men who stand in solidarity and support equal rights for all. We came together in the rain, in the cold. We came together in the sun […]

Reflections on a Weekend of Post-Inauguration Actions

I didn’t watch or listen to any of the inauguration. What I did instead, in response to the disturbing transition in our government, was get out and participate in a few of the many activities that happened around Portland this weekend. There were many events I missed, but I managed to take part in several […]

Portland Women’s March__January 21, 2017

It was an extraordinary showing of solidarity and unity against an evil the likes of which neither this City nor this country has ever faced. Shouting “Not My President” crowds estimated at up to 100,000 filled the central core of Waterfront park and side streets and 3 bridges. Speakers were speaking but most people were […]