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American Wind Week

American Wind Week – Tour of EDPR’s Rattlesnake Road & Wheat Field Wind Farms, August 2019  By Jane Stackhouse American Wind Week brought members of 350PDX and Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE) together for a tour of EDP Renewables’ (EDPR) Rattlesnake Road and Wheat Field wind farms in Arlington Oregon.  350PDX member […]

350PDX Weekly Update – Strike Countdown! August 28 2019

Hi everyone, The Amazon is on fire, and the DNC voted against allowing a Climate Debate, but at the same time presidential candidates are coming out with frankly amazing climate plans, and our local movement is growing in number and energy every day. In many ways we’ve never been closer to a climate justice revolution, […]

350PDX Weekly Update – Eco-fascism on the rise… – August 14 2019

Hi everyone, In the past month, the United States has been ravaged by a series of shooters influenced by the far-right. An increasingly dangerous pattern in these shootings is the influence of eco-fascism on the shooters (re: El Paso, Christchurch). Eco-fascism is a form of environmentalism influenced by Malthusian theory and the idea that we […]

350PDX Weekly Update – August 7 2019

Hi everyone, Here’s your 350PDX weekly update! Remember to check out the Volunteer Boards for all our current volunteer opportunities, including Tasks, Roles, Representing 350PDX, Stuff we need. And let me know any suggestions or additions! Updates Climate Strike General Meeting We had almost 80 people show up for a massive brainstorming session last night […]

350PDX Weekly Update – July 31 2019

Hi everyone, As summer reaches its height we have a fairly quiet newsletter for you this week. It’s a great time to enjoy the Oregon outdoors, but also a great time to jump into the climate movement – especially with the upcoming Climate Strike (come to the Aug 6 General Meeting to get plugged in!). […]

Weekly Update – July 23 2019

Hi everyone, The votes are in from last week’s poll, and 71% said you preferred this simple newsletter format, so I’m sticking with it! Any improvements or suggestions are always welcome, just give me an email – chris@350pdx.org. And here’s your 350PDX weekly update! Remember to check out the Volunteer Boards for all our current […]

Weekly Update – July 16 2019

Hi everyone, I’m back, and so is Dineen! We’re back at full power and ready to jump back into summer organizing. Thank you all for your patience for the past few weeks 🙂 Ashley kindly covered the Weekly Update last week (thanks Ashley!) and made it look a bit nicer. Let me know by a […]

The Green New Deal: creating the care infrastructure for a just transition

Opinion blog post from Rachel Slocum, co-facilitator of our Green New Deal Team “Life after a Green New Deal would be a world of free healthcare and childcare, cheap and beautiful public housing, first-class public transport infrastructure, well-funded arts programs and ample leisure time.” Clare Hymer, Novara Media The Green New Deal: creating the care […]