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BREAKING NEWS: We stopped a fracked gas power plant!

Amazing news! After fighting the proposed Perennial WindChaser fracked gas power plant for the last few years, our movement has won! In the face of sustained grassroots pressure and multiple legal challenges, Perennial WindChaser LLC has just abandoned its plan to build a new 415 megawatt fracked gas power plant in Umatilla County, OR! This is a […]

PCEF funding passes

You might remember that way back in 2018, 350PDX volunteers collected over 8,000 signatures to get the Portland Clean Energy Initiative on the ballot. This initiative would go on to pass with 65% of the vote, establishing a a City of Portland grant program to fund clean energy projects, job training opportunities, and green infrastructure development thanks […]

350PDX Weekly Update – We need your insights! – Mar 31 2021

Hi everyone, It has been a full year since the pandemic changed all of our lives. It also totally changed how 350PDX operates, with all team meetings going online, staff working from home, and lots of volunteer turnover with many new people joining our activist community. We’ve spent a lot of time reacting to changing […]

350PDX Weekly Update – Solidarity with Asian Americans – Mar 10 2021

Hi everyone, Violence and harassment against Asian Americans has increased significantly across the country over the past year. In Portland, several Asian-owned businesses were recently vandalized. This is another chapter in the long history of racist oppression of Asian Americans, from the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, to the Japanese internment camps of World War II, to waves of […]

Our Stance on Nonviolence

This country was established on centuries of violence against Black and Indigenous people, and has been a violent place for them and for other oppressed communities ever since. 350PDX will always use nonviolent tactics in our campaigns, but we’re not here to criminalize or condemn those who use property destruction when they see it as […]

350PDX Weekly Update – Pause to celebrate – Jan 27 2020

Hi everyone, Last week we saw more major setbacks for fossil fuel industry than perhaps any week ever before. Two of our major local fossil fuel fights — Jordan Cove LNG and the Kalama Methanol Refinery — were dealt serious blows from which they may never recover. The Biden administration put a freeze on federal fossil fuel leases […]