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350PDX Weekly Update – The attempted coup – Jan 13 2020

Hi everyone, On June 1, 2020, over 5,000 national guard troops, Washington police, and US Park police unleashed teargas, batons, and horses upon a crowd of Black Lives Matter demonstrators outside of the White House. They made no attempt to breech the security of the building, yet army helicopters circled overhead and teargas filled the air around them. A […]

Support the Red House

This morning, the Red House on Mississippi was raided by the Portland Police Bureau. The house has been the site of a months-long protest against the eviction and displacement of the Afro-Indigenous family, the Kinneys, who have lived there for 22 years. This morning, riot cops fenced off the property, arrested two family members and […]

350PDX Weekly Update – An exciting new campaign – Dec 2 2020

Hi everyone, Next month will see the launch of an exciting new campaign – a statewide push for a climate justice package that includes 100% clean energy for all, economic justice via low-income energy discounts, and good job opportunities in climate-resilient home retrofits. Frontline communities from every corner of Oregon have been envisioning clean energy opportunities […]

350PDX Weekly Update – Eta & Iota – Nov 18 2020

Hi everyone, Just two weeks after Hurricane Eta caused destruction and death across Central America, Iota touched down just 15 miles from the same spot as one of the strongest hurricanes this late in the year in record history. Nicaragua’s carbon emissions are just 0.02% of the world total. That they are bearing the brunt of […]

350PDX Weekly Update – A New Era – Nov 11 2020

Hi everyone, Joe Biden is the President-Elect and we enter a new era of US politics. Despite voter suppression, climate disasters, and the pandemic, the turnout rate of 62% was the highest in 50 years, with 148 million Americans going to the polls. One main driver of this was a surge among Black, Latino, Asian […]

Election – What Now?

The ‘red mirage’ and ‘blue shift’ scenario that we talked about in our election plan where we wouldn’t know full results on election night seems to have come true, which means ensuring that every vote is counted is our nation’s greatest priority right now. As we hold our breath, take a moment to center yourself in a vision […]

350PDX Weekly Update – 6 days to go – Oct 28 2020

Hi everyone, Well this is the last weekly update before Election Day. To go with the theme of 2020 – rapid response adaptation to unprecedented events – over the past few weeks we’ve been busily preparing for this election, particularly for what will happen if those in power refuse to accept the results. Our General Meeting on […]

Take Action: Demand that Chase and Blackrock walk away from the Saudi Aramco Deal

JP Morgan Chase just announced it will align its business model with the Paris Climate Agreement. BlackRock just supported its first-ever resolution addressing deforestation company supply chains. Those two announcements are huge — but the companies are already backtracking. The two financial giants just started discussing a deal worth over $10 billion with Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil […]

Sandy retires from the Board

Those you who were on this list in the Spring probably already know I turned 80 in May. It was a milestone I met with pleasure and surprise–I hadn’t expected to see it–and I do feel it. The previous November, my term on the 350PDX board ended. We don’t have a limit on the number […]