We’re excited to announce that submissions are open for a brand new creative competition Flash Futures PNW: A Climate Fiction & Art Contest – hosted by 350PDX, the Breach Collective, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Portland Neighbors Welcome.

Contest winners will have their work published in a zine launched in the spring, 2024, and the top three winners in each category (writing and visual art) will also receive cash prizes. 

Submit your writing and art by Aug 31, 2023 @ climatefictionpnw.org


What do you imagine for the future of climate justice work in the Pacific Northwest? Tell us a story (through visual art or in writing) about what that work could look like in the future – 10, 50, 500+ years from now. We invite you to dream boldly!

Learn more about the prompt, submission guidelines, and the competition here.


Organizing for climate justice is deep, imaginative work, and we’re up against massive obstacles, not just climate change itself, but its root causes: white supremacy, colonialism, runaway racialized capitalism, and other systems of oppression. Regardless of how much we slow climate change now, we will continue to feel its effects far into the future and will be called to adapt and create new systems to be in right relationship with the Earth and each other. It won’t be an easy road, but it’s one we must take together, while honoring and building on work that’s already being done in community, particularly by BIPOC and other frontline communities.

Through art, we can engage in the kind of imaginative work necessary to dream up a future where we’re making strides towards collective liberation and justice. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

Questions? Reach out to me (Julia) at julia@350pdx.org. Also a big shout out to the 350PDX Creative Team, which has been hard at work putting this competition together alongside our partners! 

In gratitude,

Julia Fritz-Endres, 350PDX Communications Manager