Activist News Roundup #12

A monthly curated collection of climate activism news, protests, public marches, direct actions, and related court cases. We are regularly inspired by the creative and courageous resistance we see around the globe, and we hope that gathering the stories here will keep you motivated, informed and connected. 

Meet the Teenagers Leading a Climate Change Movement
The New York Times, Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks; July 21, 2018

“Some of them met on Instagram. Others coordinated during lunchtime phone conferences. Most of them haven’t even graduated from high school. The teenagers behind Zero Hour — an environmentally focused, creatively minded and technologically savvy nationwide coalition — are trying to build a youth-led movement to sound the alarm and call for action on climate change and environmental justice.”

Youth Climate Change Case Holds Oral Argument Hearing
Eugene Weekly, Meerah Powell; July 18, 2018

“Although the Juliana v. U.S. case — also known as Youth v. Gov. — doesn’t start its trial until late October, both plaintiffs and defendants of the landmark climate change case came together in the courtroom today. Juliana v. U.S., supported by local nonprofit Our Children’s Trust, is the lawsuit in which 21 youth plaintiffs are suing the federal government for actively harming future generations with its complicity in climate change.”

Wyoming Standing Rock Activist Wins Acquittal
WyoFile, Angus M. Thuermer Jr. ;

“A North Dakota judge Thursday acquitted Riverton activist Micah Lott of criminal trespass and rioting charges stemming from his protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline near the Standing Rock Reservation in 2017. Judge Gail Hagerty acquitted Lott and a fellow defendant after hearing the prosecution’s case only. The defense didn’t have to present its evidence, Lott’s attorney Doug Parr said in a telephone interview. Other defendants facing similar charges had agreed to plea bargains, Parr said, but Lott chose to fight. The 25-year-old Northern Arapaho tribal member said he had reasons to stand his ground. ”

North Dakota Sues Dakota Access Over Farmland Ownership
AP, Blake Nicholson; July 10, 2018

“North Dakota’s attorney general is suing the developer of the Dakota Access oil pipeline over agricultural land the company owns in violation of a state law banning large corporations from owning farmland. In a separate case, an American Indian activist accused of starting a riot on a portion of the land during protests against the pipeline last year wants to use the state’s lawsuit in his defense. ”

Court Action to Save Young From Climate Bill
BBC, Roger Harrabin; July 03, 2018

“An activist group hopes to sue the UK government over climate change, arguing that it is discriminating against the young by failing to cut emissions fast enough. The campaigners – known collectively as Plan B – argue that if the UK postpones emissions cuts, the next generation will be left to pick up the bill. It is seeking permission from a judge to launch formal legal action. The government has promised to review its climate commitments.”

Oregonians Shut Down Huge Factory Farm
Food and Water Watch, Tarah Heinzen, Krissy Kasserman; June 29, 2018

“Oregon’s Lost Valley mega-dairy has been a spectacular mess since the day it opened its doors. Cows stand ankle-deep in a slurry of their own waste. Dumpsters of dead cows and pits of manure are so full they’ve overflowed. The factory farm’s violations have put drinking water for local families at risk. And on top of that, recent reports show that Lost Valley doesn’t even have enough water to provide working restrooms to its employees.  Lost Valley Farm is the second-largest mega-dairy factory farm in Oregon. It’s permitted for 30,000 cows (yes, thirty THOUSAND cows). We fought this proposal from the first day it was proposed.”