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Here are the most effective quick actions you can take right now to fight for climate justice. Want to get more involved?

Now until Dec 16 – act quickly before your favorite pieces sell out!

Check out the 350PDX Art Sale!

350PDX is doing our Art Sale for Climate Justice fundraiser for the third year running! Now until Dec 16, we’ll be selling donated pieces of art with all proceeds going to 350PDX to help us hit our end of year fundraising target.

We’ll be adding new stuff throughout the month as more donations come in. Last year some of the coolest pieces sold out quick so check out the sale now!

We’re still looking for art donations as well. If you’re interested in donating a piece, please submit your art using this form.

Questions? Email artsale@350pdx.org.


Nov 28


Timeframe: ASAP

Timeframe: anytime – it’s not actually specific to summer, and we’re going to change the name soon to reflect that!


Join the 350PDX Creative Roster

Our Creative Team uses art and storytelling to make the climate justice movement irresistible.

This team does the whole creative process, from developing the story (or the narrative strategy) of our campaigns, to figuring out the most strategic way to get the story out to the right audiences, to producing all the banners, videos, songs, performances, creative direct actions, social media campaigns, press releases, webpages, animations, poems, and whatever else that will get our message out there.

The creative roster is our list of folks with creative skills that we can call on when we have a one-off need. Next time we need a songwriter or a photographer we’ll look through the roster and reach out to a few people who have those skills to see if they are free to help! Sign up here.

Deadline: ASAP

Deadline: ASAP

Any questions? Email action@350pdx.org.