Take Action Now

Here are the most effective quick actions you can take right now to fight for climate justice. Want to get more involved?

Communities in the Blast Zone coming together!

Do you live in the blast zone of Zenith’s oil trains? Use this map to find out. If you do, call and write to the City of Portland and share that you live in the blast zone and are concerned for your safety. You can also pick up a yard sign to have in your front yard or apartment window to educate your neighbors about the blast zone and what they can do to #StopZenith. Send an email to stopzenith@350pdx.org to coordinate receiving a yard sign from one of our team members.

The 350PDX Fossil Fuel Resistance Team is also helping folks hold Neighborhood Parties to educate their community about the issue, reach out to dineen@350pdx.org and lisebethjacobs@gmail.com to learn more.

Take action for clean air!

Multnomah County Commissioners have a huge opportunity to pass an electrification resolution that would help us fight back against the gas industry and enact policies that ensure cleaner and safer air for us all to breathe. The Commissioners need to hear from us now! Join us in telling the Commissioners that the people of Multnomah County support them voting yes on this critical electrification resolution.

3 ways you can take action:

1)  Email Multnomah County Commissioners to say we need Clean Air Quality Standards NOW!

2)  Come testify to the County about this issue. We will help you come up with a 2-minute testimony you can share. Meetings are Thursday mornings at 9:30 am. Reach out to Dineen at dineen@350pdx.org to learn more about how you can support.

3)  Call Chair Vega Pederson to ask that the county schedules a vote on the electrification resolution.

☎️ Call Multnomah County Chair Vega Pederson: 503-988-3308

CALL SCRIPT (leave a voicemail): “Hello Chair Vega Pederson. My name is __ and I am a Multnomah County Resident. I am calling to encourage you to schedule a vote on an electrification resolution to address the significant air quality and climate impacts of using fossil fuels in homes and buildings. It is critical that the county moves quickly to take action on the issue in order to protect public health and our climate. Please schedule a vote on the draft resolution before budget season starts. Thank you”

Timeframe: ASAP

Sign the Petition & Write to Congress: Restore Federal Recognition for the Chinook Indian Nation

In 2001, the Chinook Nation obtained federal recognition from the U.S. government. However, celebration turned into heartbreak when the U.S. government rescinded this recognition eighteen months later.

The Chinook Indian Nation was essentially declared nonexistent in the eyes of the government. The nation has been unable to access programs and resources to which federally recognized tribes are entitled. Over the last 20 years, the lack of federal recognition has cost $200 million dollars, opportunities for youth, and countless lives.

Congress has both the power and authority to recognize tribes. We are calling on our elected officials to do what’s right and end this humanitarian crisis. Stop the genocide. Federally recognize the Chinook Indian Nation.


Timeframe: anytime – it’s not actually specific to summer, and we’re going to change the name soon to reflect that!

350PDX Climate Movement Fundamentals

A free, self-paced, online course that explores the fundamentals of the climate justice movement. 25 video lessons (90 minutes total) take you through three sections:

  • People Power 101
  • Climate Justice 101
  • Finding Your Place In The Movement

This course was originally called 350PDX Summer School, as we made it over the summer of 2022, but the content is relevant all year round. In some of the videos you might hear it referred to as Summer School, so just a heads up!

Click here to enroll in the course.


Join the 350PDX Creative Roster

Our Creative Team uses art and storytelling to make the climate justice movement irresistible.

This team does the whole creative process, from developing the story (or the narrative strategy) of our campaigns, to figuring out the most strategic way to get the story out to the right audiences, to producing all the banners, videos, songs, performances, creative direct actions, social media campaigns, press releases, webpages, animations, poems, and whatever else that will get our message out there.

The creative roster is our list of folks with creative skills that we can call on when we have a one-off need. Next time we need a songwriter or a photographer we’ll look through the roster and reach out to a few people who have those skills to see if they are free to help! Sign up here.

Deadline: ASAP

Deadline: ASAP

Any questions? Email action@350pdx.org.