Take Action Now

Here are the most effective quick actions you can take right now to fight for climate justice. Want to get more involved?

Deadline: ASAP

State of Oregon: Time to Divest from Fossil Fuels!

$120,000,000,000: The Oregon Treasury manages $120 Billion in investments; $90B is in public employee pension funds. Oregon should be at the leading edge of climate-safe investments to support a sustainable future for us all.

Financial Risk: The data just keeps accumulating. Fossil fuel investments continue to get a below-market return on investment and they will soon be stranded assets that no one wants to buy.

Climate Risk: Fossil fuels cause climate chaos and deadly pollution. All too often pipelines and power plants harm our frontline communities and violate human rights.

How do we get the Oregon Treasury to Divest?

  1. Email and/or phone the Oregon Treasurer and Oregon Investment Council by filling out this simple form to tell them you want them to Divest Now! Public Opinion is KEY to this campaign.

  2. Send to 3 friends to get the word out about why Divesting the Oregon Treasury is one of the MOST important things we can do to reduce the future effects of the Climate Crisis.

  3. Follow Divest Oregon on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter & get updates about the campaign via email.

For more information, visit DivestOregon.org or email info@divestoregon.org

Deadline: ASAP

Tell Your City to Support All-electric Homes and to Phase Out Gas

Are you tired of being gaslit by the fossil fuel industry? Us too. That’s why together with a coalition of over 60 organizations, we just released a report that details the many lies being told to elected officials, journalists, and the general public by NW Natural and the gas industry about “natural” gas, and the need for a just transition to buildings run on 100% clean energy.

Can you help us spread the word? We want this information to reach the masses so that we can push back against misinformation from the gas industry. Here’s our press release to read what our coalition is saying about this report, here’s a social media toolkit with sample tweets, Facebook, and Instagram posts to help spread the word, and here’s a tool to send the report directly to your City officials.

Deadline: ASAP

Tell Wyden: No Fossil Fuel Subsidies

On Sept 13 the House Ways and Means Committee released an outline of proposed revenue-raising legislation for the Build Back Better Act. The draft text contains various tax reforms to fund President Joe Biden’s priorities and would end key international tax breaks for fossil fuel companies.

But it fails to eliminate domestic fossil fuel subsidies.

This is a key moment, and with over 500 allied groups and 50+ members of Congress strongly on our side, we can win. Sen. Schumer has already expressed strong support for ending subsidies, and he and Sen. Wyden (as well as President Biden) have positioned themselves as champions on the issue — this is their opportunity to prove it.

Can you email or call Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, to ensure fossil fuel domestic subsidies are eliminated in the budget reconciliation package? 

Sample script:

“Hello, I’m calling/emailing for Senator Ron Wyden. My name is xxx, I am an Oregon constituent, and I am calling to ask you to ensure that fossil fuel subsidies, both nationally and internationally, are eliminated in the budget reconciliation package. Thank you”

Feel free to add a reason too, e.g. “because my tax dollars shouldn’t be going to subsidize the biggest polluters on the planet”.

202-224-5244 ; Email here

Deadline: Oct 8

Customers for Climate Justice

We’re asking Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citibank customers to join the movement: sign-on to demand that your bank starts listening to their customers and stops funding climate chaos. Sign on here.

With just one month until the Glasgow Climate Talks, we fully expect these banks to churn out woefully insufficient and greenwashed climate policies. It’s time for them to listen to their customers and finally stop funding fossil fuels and deforestation for good. 

Deadline: Through October

Stop Logging in Silver Falls!

Silver Falls State Park has quietly begun post-fire logging in backcountry areas of the park. The majority of trees slated for the cut are mature, green trees, not unsafe, hazard trees.

Profits from the logging operation are slated to go toward “forest health programs.” The best forest health program for Silver Falls would be to leave burned areas untouched, except where they are deemed a safety hazard.

Please help us stop unnecessary logging in this iconic state treasure! Info about how to send a letter to Oregon Parks and Recreation Department officials here (scroll down to the bottom).

Pictured: the “burn” area slated for logging, full of mature live green trees.

Deadline: ASAP

Sign up to be a kayaktivist!

Whether you’re an experienced boater, or have never been out on the water and have been wanting to try, this is for you! This is a great chance to get outside while still doing climate action, and being on the water is naturally socially distanced!

Fill in the form to get more info, get trained up, and get looped in when actions are happening. Join the local people-powered movement to stop the climate crisis and sign up!

Deadline: ASAP

Multnomah County Commissioners:
We are in a climate crisis. It’s time for bold climate leadership.

We lost 67 members of our community in Multnomah County due to an unprecedented heatwave, many of them dying alone and without any access to fans or air conditioning. This devastating tragedy and mass casualty event requires bold policy action in response.

We are living in a climate crisis. This recent heatwave could become not just a “once in a lifetime event,” but rather a strikingly devastating occurrence. The County must take bold and brave action against the fossil fuel industry to stop these deadly heatwaves from becoming commonplace.

Join us in demanding that Multnomah County ban fossil fuels in all new buildings, and fully and equitably electrify the building sector.

Sign the petition here.

Deadline: ASAP

Tell Biden: Stop Line 3

With enough national pressure, we can make this pipeline a top issue for Biden among the likes of Keystone XL and Dakota Access. But it will take all of us rising up.

Will you add your name to the national petition calling on Biden to review the permits granted by Trump and halt construction on the Line 3 tar sands pipeline immediately?

Sign the petition here.

Any questions? Email action@350pdx.org.