Oregon has a long history of timber corporations prioritizing their bottom line over the well-being of our climate, ecosystems, and communities. We need healthy forests now more than ever — to provide clean water for local communities, habitat for threatened species, and a line of defense against the climate crisis. It’s time for the state to adopt stronger protections for Oregon’s public forests and all the values they provide, by passing the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).

It’s time for Oregon to pass the State Forest Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP)! 

This Thursday, March 7, the Oregon Board of Forestry will vote whether to approve State Forester Cal Mukumoto’s recommendation that they adopt the HCP.

TODAY — Join us in telling the Board to finalize the HCP – to preserve and protect some of our state’s most treasured forests and rivers for generations to come.

You can also attend the Board of Forestry’s meeting on March 7 in Salem to support the HCP, in person or virtually. If showing up in person: Wear green and bring a small sign that says “HCP Yes!” Get there before 9 a.m. to get a seat. Learn more and sign-up here. Learn more and sign up here to join the meeting here.

Recap on the Habitat Conservation Plan:

  • The HCP is a good faith effort to offer vital protections to threatened and endangered species which balances the need to provide stable funding to counties and rural communities that rely on logging revenue.
  • The HCP would protect essential habitat for 17 imperiled species of salmon and wildlife on 640,000 acres of Oregon state forests, establish buffers protecting forests from clearcutting, and create large Habitat Conservation Areas for species dependent on mature forests, like the marbled murrelet, coastal marten, and spotted owl.
  • The HCP has broad community support, which has been in the works for literally decades!

Thank you for taking action!

Over the past few years, hundreds of Oregonians have called on the Board of Forestry to pass a robust HCP — sending emails, signing petitions, and submitting testimony, and more. Thank you for being part of this work!

Join us in this critical moment: Tell the Board of Forestry to finalize the Habitat Conservation Plan.

In gratitude,

Brenna Bell, 350PDX Climate Forest Manager