Who We Are

Our Mission: Building a diverse grassroots movement to address the causes of climate disruption through justice-based solutions by inspiring, training and mobilizing people to act.

Our Vision

We envision a future where international agreements and public policies, at all levels of government, have kept most of the known fossil fuels reserves in the ground; where, by mid-century, emissions from the burning of fossil fuels have reached zero, allowing natural processes in soils and forests to absorb excess carbon from our atmosphere, bringing it steadily down to levels safe for our children, grandchildren and all life on earth.

We envision a future with enlightened social, political and economic systems prioritizing renewable energy use and increasing energy efficiency while creating quality family-wage jobs in building a fossil-free economy; where low-income communities are no longer disproportionately suffering the effects of climate change; and where sustaining life and the needs of communities take precedence over corporate profits, leading to a healthy world with thriving and resilient communities.

Our Values

  • Inclusion with fair and equal consideration for all– Respect everyone without special favor; develop a culture of appreciation and listening; celebrate diversity; maintain inclusive processes and decision-making
  • Transparency – Be open with information and organizational process and decision-making; tell the truth and hear the truth; invite critical feedback; turn mistakes into learning opportunities
  • Personal relationships – Cultivate person-to-person connections, commitment to community
  • Compassion & non-violence – Act based on empathy, compassion and caring, within and outside of the organization; “Attack forces of evil, not persons doing evil” (MLK Jr)
  • Reciprocity of commitment – members to group and group to members; be trustworthy, responsible; expect the best of ourselves and each other
  • Courage – Empower each other to realize our power; develop and expand our skills; welcome discomfort as part of growth and learning; and not be afraid
  • Fun – Enjoy ourselves…big time

Our Goals

Advance the climate justice movement in alliance with frontline communities*

Strategies for this goal:

  • Work in coalition with other organizations, especially frontline communities
  • Train and educate 350PDX volunteers on environmental and climate justice
  • Respond to requests of frontline communities
  • Advocate for social justice where it intersects with climate change

*According to the Oregon Just Transition Alliance platform, frontline communities refers to, “people of color, low income communities, and rural and tribal people [who] are at the front line of environmental and climate injustice [and that these communities] must lead the efforts to address climate change.”

Progressively replace the extractive economy with a regenerative one that is healthy and just for all

Strategies for this goal:

  • Work for 100% renewable energy
  • Work in and support the Just Transition Movement
  • Promote community-owned renewable energy
  • Promote energy efficiency and reduce community-wide energy use
  • Remove the fossil fuel industry’s social license, which includes fossil fuel divestment
  • Educate the public about the extractive economy and where it intersects with climate change

Reduce emissions and atmospheric greenhouse gases to support a thriving planet

Strategies for this goal:

  • Stop new fossil fuel infrastructure projects locally, regionally, and beyond
  • Pressure utility companies to transition to renewable energy sources and eliminate reliance on fossil fuels
  • Pressure the state legislature to pass bold pro-climate policies
  • Support a just transition away from existing fossil fuels
  • Explore ways 350PDX can advocate for emission reduction in the sectors of sustainable agriculture, forestry, and transportation
  • Promote ideas for how individuals can lower their carbon footprint

Build a community that is resilient to the effects of climate change

Strategies for this goal:

  • Support projects that prepare and equip the Portland Metro Area to withstand extreme weather and the effects of climate change
  • Hold events and workshops that creatively promote dialogue and relationships that encourage wellbeing in a changing climate
  • Promote mutual aid (people helping people) in response to climate disasters

Nurture an organization that is inclusive, transparent, and compassionate

Strategies for this goal:

  • Support and mentor current and emerging leaders
  • Create and foster transparent pathways for new activities and ideas to be realized within 350PDX
  • Improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within 350PDX
  • Reflect on and improve the organization’s structure and culture
  • Facilitate dialogue between 350PDX members about social justice issues