A 350er Goes Canvassing!

On Sunday I spent some time canvassing for PCEI – The Portland Clean Energy Initiative. Confession–I did it because Anissa, who is staffing this for 350PDX, nagged me and all the other Board members until we said yes.

But I’m telling you about it because I enjoyed it SO much that I want to give you the opportunity to enjoy yourselves too!

I’m not kidding.

I was given a few blocks just northwest of the corner of MLK and Lombard, a very working class, low income area for the most part. Most people were not home on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon and I left them a piece of literature, but of the people who did answer their doors ALL of them were friendly and welcoming, not one door slammed in my face, and most of them did not know about PCEI!

I had some good conversations, met some interesting people, and felt great because I made a difference!

You use an app that is much, much easier than the clipboards and papers we used to have to juggle. So bring your phone!

Canvassing shifts are every evening Monday through Thursday, 5 – 8 PM, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM – 2 PM and 1 – 5 PM. They request you let them know when you’ll be coming so they can have your canvassing kit, turf, and materials ready for you.

Don’t want to walk? You can phone-bank at the same times. They train folks as they come!

Everything is out of the PCEI space at the Sierra Club offices at SE 18th & Ankeny.

You can email or call either of our staff working on PCEI with questions or to sign up for a canvassing shift.

Dupree West, Field Organizer

Anissa Pemberton, Justice-Based Transition & Equity Organizer

I hope you can make time in your schedule to do this!