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Saving Our Water From Nestlé

We come from the water. When the oceans first formed, so, too, did our most distant predecessors. They arose from the ancestral oceans in blossoming waves of evolution: bacterium, and then lobe-finned fish, and then the first creatures with legs. Water is the giver of life. Everything we depend on is nourished by water as […]


The Clean Power Plan Is Not Enough

The Clean Power Plan is both good news and bad news. It’s a positive step in lessening our society’s impacts on climate, but the plan still leaves a number of alarming issues unaddressed and is inadequate in others. Before Portland Mayor Charlie Hales met with President Obama on Monday, Mia Reback, a 350PDX community organizer, […]


The “sHELL NO” Campaign Continues at The Big Float

The Fennica has arrived. On Saturday, July 25th, Shell’s notorious icebreaking ship docked near Swan Island, where it was confronted with several waves of “kayaktivists”. As they paddled through dim, unduly warm Willamette waters, the kayakers chanted, waved banners, and sailed flags in protest. Organized in part by 350pdx, the event made national news headlines, […]