The 350PDX office will be closed for the last two weeks of July while staff practices a period of rest. While the office is closed, we’re also holding space for members of the 350PDX community to take rest from work within the organization.

We believe rest is a vital part of our work for climate and social justice, giving us time to heal, process, imagine, and invent. We name rest as one of our core values to push back against the capitalist assumption that productivity defines our self-worth, and to hold space for community care. Within the climate justice movement, prioritizing rest also helps us be ready for “moments of the whirlwind,” when we put our full collective energy behind a common vision.

At the same time, we know that not everyone has access to rest, especially those on the frontlines of oppressive harm. We may be encouraging folks to take a break from work at 350PDX, but we recognize that for many, work continues elsewhere. We also acknowledge that the work for justice is continual, and that no matter what, we must keep fighting for the just, resilient future we all deserve.

We thank you for all that you do for climate justice and for being part of this community.

In deep gratitude,
350PDX Staff

Take Action

For quick actions like petitions, check out our Take Action PageSee here for our broader Volunteer Opportunities.

Introducing… 350PDX Summer School!

Chris, our Volunteer Manager, has put together a series of free, self-paced, online courses in the fundamentals of the climate justice movement. 25 video lessons take you through three sections:

  • People Power 101
  • Climate Justice 101
  • Finding Your Place In The Movement

These are available throughout the summer of 2022, so folks can skill themselves up in the slow summer months when other things – like actions, events, team meetings – tend to be less frequent. Click here to enroll in the courses!

Send a comment about the City’s Fossil Fuel Zoning Policy

After years of grassroots pressure from people like you, the City of Portland is poised to implement its landmark law banning new or expanded bulk fossil fuel infrastructure. This law—called the Portland Fossil Fuel Terminal Zoning Amendments (FFTZA)—would protect our communities from harmful pollution and safety risks from facilities like oil train terminals. Will you join us in defending this law, and help us push back against the fossil fuel industry’s attempts to weaken it? Here’s how to take action:

Take action for wild salmon!

Snake River salmon are facing an extinction crisis, and we need to act now. Removing the Lower Snake River dams is key to protecting salmon for years to come. Last month, U.S. Sen. Patty Murray and Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee released a ‘Draft Lower Snake River Dams Benefits Replacement Report,’ which confirms we can replace the dams’ services fully, feasibly, and affordably.

Write a public comment on the report before July 11th to support removing the four lower Snake River dams, protecting wild salmon, and investing in our communities. Take action here!

Take action all summer for a Fossil Free Multnomah County!

Join us in gathering petition signatures to our Multnomah County Commissioners to advocate for fossil fuel free buildings! We have an exciting window to make some big policy changes in the County. This toolkit has everything you need to join us in gathering petition signatures in person and online all summer. Let’s get to 1,000+ signatures by the end of the summer! Can you help us do it?

Keep up the heat on OPB! Our public radio shouldn’t air fossil fuel ads

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) is still running advertisement and sponsorship ads for NW Natural – a fossil fuel company trying to sell the public greenwashed fracked gas. When OPB promotes the use of fracked gas through ads that ignore harms to our communities, they lose our trust as listeners. OPB already refuses to air ads from tobacco and weapons companies — why are fossil fuels getting a free pass?

Events & Opportunities

Summer Salmon Celebration

Sun, July 10, 10am-3pm – Kelly Point Park (N. Marine Dr. at Lombard, Portland)

Join Cascade Volcanos Broadband for a Summer Salmon Celebration. The event will be on Sunday, July 10 at Kelly Point Park from 10am-3pm. There will be food, speakers, games, music, and more! You’re invited to bring potluck items to share. Reach out to if you have questions.

World Premier of Elemental

Fri, July 20 7:00PM — Hollywood Theater, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd – tickets here

Join Hollywood Theater for the World Premiere of Elemental, a film that invites you to reimagine your relationship with wildfire through the eyes of top scientists and indigenous fire managers who are leading the way toward living with this essential element. Doors open at 7PM for the red carpet celebration and screening at 7:30. Stay after the show for a lively discussion and Q&A session with the filmmakers, Oregon State Senator Jeff Golden, State Representative and firefighter Dacia Grayber, and an Indigenous fire expert. Tickets on sale now: $10. 10% of ticket sales go to fire-affected communities

Summer Teach-In Series: Lessons from the National Democratic Movement in the Philippines 

Join Kalikasan Solidarity Organization for a series of educational discussions this summer! You’ll start with an orientation to our Stop the Plunder campaign, then study the movement for National Democracy in the Philippines, the principles of self-determination, and the essential role international solidarity plays in our collective liberation. Discussions on July 12th, July 19th, and Aug 2nd – register here.

Neighbors for Clean Air Summer Camp!

Summer Camp for young adults Aug 8-11 — Learn more and register here.

Neighbors for Clean Air has long been involved in supporting the efforts of youth as they use their voice to ensure that their communities are healthy, climate resilient, and based on principles of environmental justice. They continue this work through Camp AQ! Camp AQ is a 4-day summer camp, August 8th-11th 2022, for teens across the Metro region. During the camp, young adults will learn the science behind air quality data, the specific air quality crises and ongoing issues in our region, the regulatory landscape in Oregon, and how they can play a vital role in community engagement efforts to create a different future.

Portland Black Lives Matter Protests

Throughout the week @ across the city – details here

Worker Solidarity Actions

Throughout the week @ across the city – visit the Portland Jobs with Justice page for more info (PJWJ is a coalition of over 100 labor, faith, community and student organizations and individual activists taking action for workers rights and economic justice)

News & Updates

Thanks to all who came to our Heat Week Climate Resiliency Ride and Action Night last week!

We hosted a Pedalpalooze ride during Heat Week, where we rode bikes from Lents to Laurelhurst, discussed the impacts of extreme heat on our neighborhoods, and commemorated the lives lost in the 2021 heat dome. We also took action for equitable street tree access, sending postcards calling on Commissioner Rubio to champion a shade equity plan and ensure street trees are growing strong across our city. Stay tuned for more opportunities to take action for shade equity.

News Highlights

In love and gratitude,
Anissa, Brenna, Chris, Dineen, Emily, Indi, Julia – the 350PDX staff