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*CONTENT WARNING* –  The following contains information about white supremacist violence in Portland last Saturday in which one person lost their life and others were seriously injured



We would like to take this moment to honor June Knightly, a social and racial justice advocate who was killed on Saturday in Normandale Park by a white supremacist vigilante. We also honor Joel Arevalo, who was killed on the same night when police opened fire on the Broadway View Condominiums in Southwest Hills. We are horrified by yet another death in our community at the hands of those committing white supremacist acts of violence. If you are feeling deep loss, if you are feeling numb or exhausted, if you are feeling outraged – we see you. Your reactions are valid. We hope that you are able to find support and community right now, and the space to mourn and process in whatever ways you need to.

June was volunteering at a march demanding justice for Amir Locke and other victims of police violence when she was killed in a mass shooting that left several others seriously injured. In the days since, the Portland Police Bureau has mischaracterized and minimized this tragedy, with many City leaders and media outlets following suit. While we don’t know the exact intentions of the alleged shooter, we know that he has called for violence against racial justice protestors in the past. It’s infuriating that the state refuses to hold the police accountable for how they defend white supremacy, spreading anti-Black sentiments, misinformation, and hate-mongering that lead to tragedies like what we saw on Saturday. It’s infuriating that Mayor Wheeler refuses to acknowledge his role in fueling hostility against civil rights activists with his comments last April. It’s infuriating that this week, the city is trying to expand the use of tear gas and other forms of violence in our communities while they remain in hot water with the US Department of Justice over these exact practices.

The Oregon Justice Resource Center (OJRC) put it well in a statement they released following the shooting: “Portland’s leaders have too often demonstrated hostility to civil rights and to protestors seeking to uphold those rights. We don’t yet know the precise motivations of the shooter on Saturday night, but we know enough that we should have seen Mayor Wheeler and Chief Lovell take a robust public stance on the critical importance of civil rights and their own duty to support people demonstrating for their rights. It is a failure of leadership that they have not. They might reflect on how their false demonization of protesters helped to create and fuel the ideas that appear to have led to these victims being shot and killed.” Read the full statement from OJRC here.

June Knightly was dedicated to making our community safer from harm. We can honor her memory by continuing her work towards real community safety, defending against white supremacist violence from police and vigilantes alike.

Resources for supporting the survivors, showing up in community, and taking action:

Read on for more opportunities to take action for racial and climate justice as well as events, news, and resources.

More Ways to Take Action

For quick actions like petitions, check out our Take Action PageSee here for our broader Volunteer Opportunities.

Submit written testimony condemning the use of tear gas in our communities

Even in the wake of mass shooting this weekend, our legislators are voting on HB 4131, which could further allow police to use tear gas and other forms of violence in our communities. They held a hearing yesterday where many members of the community gave public testimony condemning HB 4131 and the use of chemical weapons, and there will be another hearing this Friday morning. There is still time to make your voice heard and submit written testimony. Learn more about HB 4131 here.

Submit your written testimony:  Go to https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2022R1/Testimony/HRULES, select “House Committee on Rules” and “2/25/2022 8:00AM” from the dropdown menus, then select “HB 4131.”

Sign the petition to the Fed: Make lowering the Black unemployment rate a priority for 2022

The unemployment rate for Black workers is on the rise, and is now more than double the unemployment rate of white workers. The Federal Reserve has long fallen behind on supporting Black workers, and it’s time for them revisit their priorities. We need the Reserve to invest in increasing job opportunities and decreasing unemployment rates for Black workers throughout the country, who deserve good paying jobs. Join groups around the country calling on the Reserve to take prioritize lowering the Black unemployment rate in 2022! Sign the petition and tell the Federal Reserve to prioritize lowering the Black unemployment rate in 2022.

Tell Oregon lawmakers farmworkers deserve fair pay

Oregon farmworkers ensure our families are healthy and well-fed in every corner of the state. Their hard work supports our entire economy. They deserve to be paid for every hour of their essential, difficult, and often dangerous work. And yet, in 2020, while working through wildfires and ice storms, Oregon farmworkers made, on average, less than $20,000 a year.

This week, The Emergency Heat Relief Bill passed unanimously in the House Committee on Energy & the Environment! Next stop: the Ways and Means Committee. Let’s get this bill passed! Tell your lawmakers that Oregon farmworkers deserve fair pay.

Support Fuel Storage Seismic Vulnerability Bill (SB 1567)

The Critical Energy Infrastructure (CEI) Hub on the Willamette River is an industrial site home to 630 storage tanks holding gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and oil. 90% of all of Oregon’s liquid fuels are stored on this former wetland. In a major earthquake, 200 million gallons of polluting fuels would spill into the River, causing over $2 billion in damages and severely damaging the ecosystem and community. All levels of government must be acting now to ensure the companies operating in this facility are (at the very least) ensuring these storage tanks are seismic ready and prepared.

Speak up for Emergency Heat Relief for Renters (SB 1536-1) and for Communities (HB 4058)

Over the past few years, Oregonians have faced devastating wildfires, months of unhealthy air quality from wildfire smoke, ice storms, and other extreme weather events. As the climate crisis fuels more extreme weather, it is essential that Oregonians are prepared and protected from the deadly impacts of heat waves and storms. Emergency Heat Relief is climate resiliency. Right now, health professionals, energy advocates, and environmental justice organizations are coming together to help protect families from extreme weather.

Keep up the heat on OPB! Our public radio shouldn’t air fossil fuel ads

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) is still running advertisement and sponsorship ads for NW Natural – a fossil fuel company trying to sell the public greenwashed fracked gas. When OPB promotes the use of fracked gas through ads that ignore harms to our communities, they lose our trust as listeners. OPB already refuses to air ads from tobacco and weapons companies — why are fossil fuels getting a free pass?

Events & Opportunities​​​​

350PDX Volunteer Orientation

Tues Mar 1 6:00-7:45pm, virtual

A great place to get started with 350PDX – hear what we’re all about, meet some cool people, and start finding your place in the climate justice movement here in Portland! On Zoom. Register here.

Youth vs. ODOT Strike

Wed Mar 2, 4:30-6:00pm, location varies (see @youthvsodot on Twitter or Instagram for updates)

Join Sunrise PDX every other Wednesday to demand an end to ODOT’s freeway widening projects, including the $800 million expansion into the backyard of Harriet Tubman Middle School. This is a recurring strike until demands are met. Masks and social distancing required. LOCATION VARIES see @youthvsodot on Twitter or Instagram for updates.

Portland Black Lives Matter Protests

Throughout the week @ across the city – details here

News & Updates

Help make Resistance Rides a reality!

From Line 3 to Peehee Mu’huh to the Wet’suwet’en fighting the Coastal Gaslink pipeline, Indigenous-led resistance has been critical at stopping harm to local communities, water and the climate. Fossil fuel resistance movements often need people on the ground, although travel costs can be a barrier for people to get involved. Led by activists connected to these movements, Resistance Rides is a project aimed at decreasing those travel costs, particularly for Indigenous people and People of Color. Donate to Resistance Rides to help bring water protectors and land defenders to resistance camps.



Resources for learning and building people power to win a just and fossil free world.

New Report from the Zinn Education Project: Erasing the Black Freedom Struggle

“It’s time for a new Reconstruction story — a story that will help us better understand how we got here. A story where the central characters are the Black people who fought to liberate themselves, who gained political power despite every attempt at violent suppression.” – Kidada E. Williams. Read the full report here.

2nd Season of the Climate Justice Alliance’s “Stories From Home: Moving the Just Transition” Podcast

Last week, CJA started the second season of their podcast Stories From Home: Moving the Just Transition. “Each episode deep dives into different dimensions of the movement – from the importance of community-led solutions to the climate crisis, to what is a false “solution,” to how we relate to one another in just relationship– with our host Keenan Rhodes, and the climate justice leaders who serve as our guides and teachers.” – CJA. Listen to the new episode here.

We know this is a difficult time for many, and we hope that you and yours are staying safe and healthy.

In love and gratitude,
Brenna, Chris, Dineen, Indi, Julia – the 350PDX staff