350PDX Weekly Update – COVID-19 – Mar 13 2020

Hi everyone,

My weekly update is coming a little later than usual this week, as we’ve been figuring out what the appropriate response to COVID-19 is. Here at 350PDX, we’re taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. This isn’t a time for panic, but it is a time for an abundance of caution. The virus is currently spreading in Portland, but if we can slow its spread then we can keep our medical system from being overwhelmed. Here are some things we can do as organizers and activists:

– Wash your hands, and do it well. Yes, you’re probably sick of hearing this already, but it’s worth repeating at every opportunity!
– The 350PDX office will be closed until further notice. We are based in a church with a congregation of mainly older people who are more susceptible to COVID-19.
– We’re encouraging all teams to hold their meetings remotely using Google Hangouts, Zoom, or other remote meeting tools. Most meetings can still happen quite effectively via video conference. Please reach out to us if you need support with figuring out how to do so.
– We’re also postponing a number of events planned for the coming weeks, notably including the April 22 Earth Day mobilization.
– If you’re sick, please don’t come to meetings, events or trainings — even if you think it’s probably just a common cold.
– For more info on preparing yourself for COVID-19 personally, we’ve found this rundown helpful.

Here in the office, we’re washing our hands religiously, not giving each other so many hugs, working from home a bit more, and coming up with contingency plans in case things get worse.

I talk a lot about how important the community of the climate movement is, and now is a time when we must look after each other. We’re keeping in mind the needs of folks in our community who are most vulnerable to this virus, including elders and people with compromised immune systems. Taking every precaution we can is just one of the ways we can care for each other in complicated, difficult times. Consider helping your neighbors and friends who are more vulnerable to this pandemic by bringing food, talking on the phone, and offering other types of support.

Many teams are opting to hold their meetings online, and sometimes these decisions to switch online, or cancel, are made at late notice. So please always check the calendar before heading to meetings and we’ll make sure to keep that calendar updated as much as possible!

Here’s your 350PDX weekly update.


  • Governor Brown Issues Climate Executive Order

    Governor Kate Brown on Wednesday signed an executive order to address climate pollution in our state. It follows the failed legislative session where Republicans walked out and stopped all legislative business in protest of the proposed cap and trade bill. We’ve not had time to really absorb this executive order with everything else going on right now, but we’re glad to see the Governor finally taking bold climate action! You can read it in full here, and read an OPB article on it here.

  • Watch the Climate Mayoral Debate here!

    On Sunday, 350PDX co-hosted a Climate Justice Mayoral Candidate Debate along with Sunrise PDX, and the Harriet Tubman Middle School Environmental Club. 800 tickets were sold, making this by far the biggest debate this year, although health concerns had some people stay away. Luckily XRAY FM did a high quality video recording of the debate so you can watch from home! The audience had green and red pieces of paper wave if they agreed or disagreed with what was being said, which made for a rowdy interactive crowd. Read OPB’s write-up here. Thank you to Revolution Hall for donating the space, XRAY and the Oregonian for helping with promotion, and to all the frontline community organizations who helped develop the questions!


  • Join the 350PDX Board!

    350PDX is recruiting new board members! Our organization is currently in a period of transition. We recently went from a more traditional organizational chart to a staff collective with 6 staff and 8 board members. There is no ED and decisions are made via a democratic process from all staff.We are especially looking for folks w/ skills in financial management and accounting for nonprofits, fundraising, and staff-led collectives, and those with diverse experiences. We are also seeking those who have experience w/ JEDI, environmental and climate policy, organizing, and/or legal expertise. Ideally having 5 -15+ hrs a month to commit. If you are interested email Jamie Pang, Jspang.lclark@gmail.com and Anais Tuepker at Anais@350pdx.org, w/ your resume and a short blurb on why you are interested and a little bit about yourself and why you may be a good fit. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and share with folks who may be interested! We look forward to hearing from you! More details here.


Any of these events may be cancelled or moved online at late notice. Please check the calendar or with the contact person before heading to these events

  • Secrets of a Successful Organizer – Labor Organizer Training
    Sat Mar 14, 10:00AM – 5:00PM @ Musicians Union Hall, 325 NE 20th Ave, Portland
    Climate justice = economic justice!
    From our friends at Jobs with Justice: How to fight back at work and win!
    1. Beating Apathy, 2. Assembling Your Dream Team and 3. Turning an Issue into a Campaign
    Led by Mark Brenner, co-author of the book that distills generations of know-how into accessible lessons – Secrets of a Successful Organizer (labornotes.org/secrets) – lunch provided, donation suggested – sign up here
  • Climate Disobedience Workshop – Vancouver edition!

    Sun Mar 15, 2:00PM – 7:00PM – Vancouver – Check in with Bonnie 503-705-1943 to see if this is still happening
    Sat Mar 28, 10:00AM – 3:00PM – Portland
    Sat Apr 11, 10:00AM – 3:00PM – Portland

    For info or to RSVP, contact Bonnie: (503) 705-1943, or goto350pdx@gmail.com
    This free workshop is for people considering risking arrest, those who want to support others risking arrest, or for those who want a greater understanding of why civil disobedience is an effective tactic.
    Workshop Includes: Brief History of Civil Disobedience; Personal Grounding; Possible Legal Consequences; Practical Preparation for Risking Arrest; Know Your Rights; Action Roles and Tactics; Action Practice and Planning
    Please plan on participating through the entire session.

  • 350PDX Conflict Management Training
    Tues Mar 17 and Tues Mar 24, 6:00PM – 9:00PM REMOTE – this will not be happening in person now, and we’re looking into holding it online. Fill in the RSVP form below if you’re interested and you’ll get the details.Conflict is everywhere and unavoidable, especially in situations where people are in states of high emotional and existential stress (i.e. the entire climate movement all the time). Conflict can either be a force that slows us down (when we ignore it and it festers, or we deal with it badly), or a catalyst for growth and learning. It depends on how we deal with it! Join us for this training where we learn how to deal with conflict in a healthy productive way! RSVP and more info here. Ideally you’d attend both sessions, but if you’re really keen and can only attend one then that’s OK too.
  • Candidates Forum – Portland Metro People’s Coalition & Unite Oregon
    Wed Mar 18, 6:00PM – 8:30PM @ Metropolitan Community Church of Portland, 2828 SE Stephens St, PortlandCheck the Facebook event here to see if this is happening or cancelled before heading there!
    Unite Oregon and the twenty organizations of the Portland-Metro People’s Coalition are hosting a Candidates Forum! Find out where the candidates for Portland City Council Commissioner Position 2 stand on immigrant and refugee rights and the PMPC platform http://bit.ly/PMPC2020.
  • Northeast Team Special Meeting
    Weds Mar 25, 7:00PM – 8:30PM @ Leaven Community Center, 5431 NE 20th Ave, PortlandThis month is a special presentation! Introduction to Drawdown is a free presentation by Pachamama Alliance. The evening includes videos, group discussion and opportunities to reflect on how we’ve been relating to global warming. Join us to:
    • Learn more about this comprehensive study of 100 existing, tested solutions.
    • Connect with others in our community to discover new possibilities for addressing climate change.
    • Be part of changing the conversation about global warming from “game over” to “game on!”

Thank you all for the work that you do, stay safe, and look out for one another,
Chris – 350PDX Volunteer & Communications Manager