350PDX T-Shirt Design Contest!

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DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION EXTENDED UNTIL OCTOBER 7TH! Hey everybody! We are seeking out a design to put on our 350PDX t-shirts and figured we would reach out to all of you so you can have a chance to show us your support as well as your skills!

This contest is based on the following criteria:

-Use 2 colors max (one of which must be a shade of blue)
-Incorporate our logo
-Logo can be downloaded at 350PDX.org > About Us > Resource Materials

-Design should look good on 2 colors of t-shirt fabric
-A front and back design is preferred but not required 

Points will be based upon:
-Creative use of logo
-Incorporates elements/images of Portland or Oregon
-Humor or positivity
-Attention to how climate change impacts minority communities in the Portland-metro area

How to submit:
-Send your image to submissions [at] 350pdx [dot] org, preferably in a PDF or .jpg format.
-Include your full name, phone number, and email address.

Deadline: October 7th
If you’re unfamiliar with us here at 350PDX, please visit our About Us page to learn about our mission, values, and upcoming and recent actions for inspiration!

We will post all submissions to our blog mid-september and open a poll so all of you can vote for your favorite!