Welcome to the 350PDX newsletter, where we highlight action opportunities, upcoming events, and more. But first — a reminder to join our 10 year anniversary party on Nov 2!

Resistance, Resiliency, & Revelry – 350PDX 10-Year Anniversary Party

Thurs, Nov 2, 6:00-10:00pm — The Redd on Salmon (831 SE Salmon St, Portland) – get your ticket here (costs are sliding scale)

From halting drilling efforts in the Arctic and organizing a 20,000 person climate strike, to fighting for our forests and stopping dozens of new polluting fossil fuel projects across the region, it’s now been ten years since 350PDX formed as a grassroots organization for climate justice. There’s a lot to celebrate! Join us on Thursday, November 2nd to celebrate a decade in the climate justice movement. All are invited to this celebration of movement-building for climate justice in Portland! Past, present, and future volunteers and community members will gather for food, art, music, and other activities, building together to create a world free of exploitation and oppression.

Do you have connections to businesses, nonprofits, or other organizations that could offer support for our 10th Anniversary Party? We’re looking for support either in the form of sponsorships (financial donations) or in-kind donations (like prizes for the raffle or silent auction). Use this Business Outreach toolkit to help us ask for support, or reach out to kiera@350pdx.org if you have questions.

In gratitude,
350PDX Staff (Anissa, Brenna, Cherice, Chris, Dineen, Eloise, Kiera, & Julia)

Take Action

For quick actions like petitions, check out our Take Action Page. Take the Pledge of Action for more updates.

In Dec 2021, the OR Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) passed the Climate Protection Program (CPP) — an ambitious plan that requires 50% emissions reductions in Oregon’s largest polluting facilities by 2035, provides direct economic and environmental benefits to frontline communities, and more. Frontline communities and other stakeholders provided strong community input on the CPP when it was initially passed. But during the rule-making process to implement the plan, community-based and environmental justice groups have not been included, and the rules that the DEQ are proposing for the CPP are missing key climate justice elements.

Join us in reminding the DEQ that Oregonians care about environmental and climate justice. Write a comment telling DEQ we want the CPP to focus on the original goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, providing meaningful investments to benefit Oregonians, and holding big polluters accountable.

Please make a brief comment to the DEQ before October 13 (note the new date).

Take action for clean air in Multnomah County!

Here in Multnomah County, we have a huge opportunity to fight back against the gas industry and enact policies that ensure cleaner and safer air for us all to breathe. But the County needs to hear from YOU to take this action.

Join us in telling Multnomah County Commissioners: We need Clean Air Quality Standards NOW!

Chair Jessica Vega Peterson: 503-988-3308 mult.chair@multco.us

Sharon Meieran: 503-988-5220, district1@multco.us

Susheela Jayapal: 503-988-5219, district2@multco.us

Lori Stegmann: 503-988-5213, district4@multco.us

Julia Brim-Edwards: 503-988-5217, district3@multco.us


“Hi _____. My name is _____ , I live in ______. I’m calling because I am urging you to use your power as our local health authority to fight for air quality standards for our community. I’m concerned about appliances that leak dangerous methane gas and toxic pollutants in the buildings in our community, and I think it’s time for the County to take bold action. Pollution from our stoves, heaters, and fireplaces can cause conditions like asthma and heart failure. Please take action on this important issue.”

Events & Opportunities

Check out our full calendar here.

350PDX Volunteer Orientation

Tues, Oct 3, 6:00-8:00pm — 350PDX office (3625 N Mississippi Ave) – learn more here

Come and hear more of what 350PDX is all about, meet some staff and volunteers, see our office space, and explore more how to get involved! We’ll start at 6pm with some pizza and wine/beer/soft drinks, and then have an intro training that covers what we’re all about. We’ll do some group exercises to get you practicing some of your new skills, and we’ll finish with some time to chat one on one about getting more involved or get your remaining questions answered. This will be an indoor masks optional event. See full accessibility information here, and feel free to email Chris (chris@350pdx.org) with any accessibility needs.

Training: The Prison Industrial Complex and Climate Justice

Tues, Oct 10, 4:00PM – 5:30PM – learn more & rsvp here

The fight to mitigate climate change has often been framed through the framework of carbon essentialism, which articulates the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions on a rapid timeline. Though necessary and not problematic on its own, in some corners of the climate movement world, the focus on carbon can sometimes overshadow, and, in the worst cases, compromise critical components of a not only green, but also a just world. To ensure that the transition is just, we need to broaden our understanding of what climate justice really means. Join Stop the Money Pipeline on October 10 for a virtual training in the Broadening our Ideas on Climate Justice series: The Prison Industrial Complex and Climate Justice. 

Who Are These Workshops For? All four workshops are designed for people who are actively engaged in the climate movement. Organizers, staff (of all levels) with NGOs, volunteer leaders―if you are playing an active role in the climate movement, these trainings are for you.

350PDX Book Club: Regeneration

Wed, Oct 11, 6:30-8:00pm — 350PDX office (3625 N Mississippi Ave) – learn more here

The 350PDX Book Club meets every 2 months and discusses the most important books of our time, alternating between fiction and nonfiction. Next, we’re reading and talking about “Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation.” Our next meeting is Weds Oct 11, 6:30 – 8:00PM — Sign up to our book club list here, or reach out to chris@350pdx.org.

350PDX Outreach Team Training

Thurs, Oct 12, 6:00-8:00pm — 350PDX office (3625 N Mississippi Ave) – RSVP here

Join us for our first Outreach Team Training!! Learn how to talk about 350PDX and the climate justice movement, and best practices for flyering, wheat pasting, tabling, community presentations, and house parties. For the last half hour, we’ll be posting upcoming event flyers around a 2 block radius of our office. Attending one of these sessions is suggested before joining our Outreach Team. This will also be a food and drink potluck! We’ll provide a main dish and some beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) and please feel free to bring other food and beverages to share!

350PDX October Action Night

Wed, Oct 18, 6-8pm — 350PDX office (3625 N Mississippi Ave) – RSVP here

350PDX has monthly, in person gatherings in our offices where you can take action, meet other folks in the climate justice community, and learn more about our campaigns and how to get involved! Food and drink is provided. At this October’s action night, our main programming will be a presentation to inform us about the harm created by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum and why we should care about free trade agreements in the climate justice movement!

Actions with Don’t Shoot PDX

Throughout the week, across the city – details here

Worker Solidarity Actions

Throughout the week, across the city – visit the Portland Jobs with Justice page for more info. Also see their list of solidarity actions.

Flash Futures PNW: A Climate Fiction & Art Contest — submit your writing and art by Sept 30

Deadline extended to Sept 30 for our brand new creative competition – Flash Futures PNW: A Climate Fiction & Art Contest (hosted by 350PDX, the Breach Collective, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Portland Neighbors Welcome)! Contest winners will have their work published in a zine launched in the spring, 2024, and the top three winners in each category (writing and visual art) will also receive cash prizes.

New & Updates

Thank you to everyone who came to the Forests Over Profits rally and conference this week!

This past Wednesday, we protested the “Who Will Own the Forest” conference at the World Forestry Center, where Wall Street investors, huge timber corporations, biomass & carbon offset companies, and other big polluters were gathered to discuss maximizing shareholder profit at the expense of local forests and communities. Then yesterday, we held our own grassroots conference — Forests Over Profits —  where we talked about community-driven alternatives to corporate forest management. Speakers & panelists shared approaches to forest management that support ecosystems, empower communities, and grow climate resilience — including Indigenous land management systems, community forestry & land trusts, and other sustainable forest management practices.

Check out this article in the Oregon Capital Chronicle about the rally and conference, and stay tuned for a longer update.

In love and gratitude,
The 350PDX staff