350PDX joins Jobs with Justice

jwj350PDX is a proud new member of Portland Jobs with Justice (JwJ), a coalition of more than 90 labor organizations and community groups dedicated to protecting the rights of working people and supporting community struggles to build a more just society. JwJ is also committed to creating an organization that is anti-racist and fully inclusive and welcoming to everyone–values and aspirations that match 350PDX’s own vision.

We want to encourage you to sign the Jobs with Justice pledge to be there for someone else’s fight 5 times a year. Help build a movement for justice, good jobs and a strong safety net. You can sign here

And save the evening of December 6th for the JwJ annual Scrooge of the Year Party. Enjoy food, drink, good company and a true American election where the votes for ‘Scrooge of the Year’ are for sale. A very fun evening held at Peace House, 2116 NE 18th Ave, Portland

– Sandy Polishuk & Adriana Voss-Andreae, 350PDX