This is Eloise Navarro, 350PDX’s new National Fossil Fuels Organizer, here to announce some good news. After over a month of massive public pressure, Senator Manchin is withdrawing his dirty side deal. The bill would have gutted the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and fast-tracked permit approvals for new fossil fuel projects like the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Not only did Manchin push for this bill, but he used it to hold climate legislation hostage (likely just to line his own pockets).

But this story isn’t about the fossil fuel industry or corrupt politicians. This story is about the people who came together around the country to fight back, the BIPOC and frontline community members who led the way, and the power of grassroots organizing. We’re proud to support People vs. Fossil Fuels, a frontline-led coalition of over 1,200 groups across the country that organized folks to stop the side deal. We wanted to uplift their statement about this news:

Statement from People vs. Fossil Fuels:

The failure of the dirty deal is a testament to the power of the people. For too long Black, Indigenous, communities of the global majority and poor white communities have been sacrifice zones for fossil fuel executives’ windfall profits. Environmental racism has stolen so much from our communities for too long and we will fight for all we can save. People vs. Fossil Fuels celebrates this momentum, but knows there is still so much more work to do to protect our climate and communities. Through sit-ins, rallies, letters, phone banks and more, we have mobilized as a  coalition of over 1,200 groups to push elected officials and President Biden to take the bold leadership science demands to keep fossil fuels in the ground, declare a climate emergency and protect the air, water, and land we depend on for healthy futures. The dirty permitting side deal may have stalled this time around, but the fight continues. We will remain vigilant as Republicans warn they will bring it back next month because we know it will take people power to win the fight against fossil fuels.

I hope this news offers a bit of hope during a time where ongoing climate chaos can make us feel stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. Frontline communities, Indigenous folks, and climate organizers made this win possible, and this is a moment for us to celebrate. As we celebrate, let’s also ground ourselves in the reality of responsibility.

We still have a responsibility to uplift frontline and Indigenous communities and support their ongoing fights for climate justice. This is especially critical as the dirty deal, officially named the “Energy Independence & Security Act of 2022,” will likely be placed in another bill. Though we still have a fight ahead of us, let’s use this time to build community, get involved in climate action, and uplift our communities that need the most support right now. Stay tuned for opportunities to take action and support frontline communities. 

I thought this would be a great time to introduce myself!

I’m Eloise Navarro, a queer Filipino-American grassroots organizer. I found my roots in climate justice when my family moved to a small farm outside of Corvallis. There, I learned about gardening and sustainable agriculture, fostering my passion for the Earth and its people. My climate background is in student and racial justice organizing, and in the past I’ve worked on energy democracy, transportation justice, fossil fuel resistance, and community resilience and empowerment. I am so excited to be working at 350PDX and engaging in local and national climate action!

In solidarity,

Eloise Navarro, 350PDX National Fossil Fuels Organizer