Summer fundraising appeal exceeds expectations!

Our summer fundraising appeal ended on July 31st. Together, we raised over $18,000 in just over one month! $18,000! WOW! That is incredible – evidence of the dedication of our donors and supporters.

Our summer fundraising appeal is an opportunity for 350PDX to reach out and ask for your support so that we may continue doing the work we love every day – fighting for a livable planet for all. Every summer we are invigorated and motivated by the response we receive from our supporters.

The money we raised this summer will support various projects 350PDX is engaged in, including:

  • Halting the Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove fracked gas project in Southern Oregon
  • Pressuring Chase bank to step down as a leader in fossil fuel investment
  • Passing the Portland Clean Energy Fund ballot initiative

This outpouring of support speaks to the dedication of our volunteers and donors to climate justice.

If you missed the chance to donate to our summer fundraising appeal, you can still make a donation today! Or, become a sustaining donor and be a source of funding we can depend upon every month.

Thank you!

The 350PDX Team

Written by: CJ Hansen and the 350PDX Team