Building Oregon's Climate Movement!


The monthly average atmosphere CO2 in parts per million.


The number of people in Oregon who have signed the Oregon Climate Declaration.


People who attended the Peoples Climate March in Portland on September 21.

350PDX Benefit Concert: In a Time of Extinctions, a Call to Life

350PDX presents Kathleen Dean Moore and Rachelle McCabe performing “In a Time of Extinctions, a Call to Life,” a program of words and music, with an interpretation of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s “Variations on a Theme of Corelli.”

The performance, a benefit for 350PDX, will take place on:

Friday, June 5th at 7 p.m.
Central Lutheran Church
1820 NE 21st Ave, Portland, 97212.

Tickets ($8-$20) are available at the door and online at www.350pdx.org.

To RSVP and/or purchase tickets for this event Click Here.

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Dangerous Propane Terminal Proposal Headed for City Council

The hearing for Pembina Corporation’s proposed $500 million propane export facility in Portland took place April 7th, 2015. Its fate is not yet decided, but we’ll need every voice to sway the City Council members, and soon. Action steps you can take now are listed below!

Clean and Dirty Energy play Tug of War

Energy Tug-of-War (C) Robyn Gottlieb 2015

At the end of a marathon six-hour public hearing, the City of Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission approved a code amendment that paves the way for a proposed propane export terminal on the Columbia River.

But we still have a shot at stopping this short-sighted project. 

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Port of Longview Commissioners Reject Haven Energy

Great news from across the river: Port of Longview commissioners reject Haven Energy lease on 3-0 vote!

In Early March, 2015, the folks in Longview had their second major victory against the fossil fuel industry.

The first came years ago when Bradwood LNG (liquid natural gas) shriveled up and went bankrupt. The second victory came March 10th when the port actively rejected a Haven Energy Terminals LLC propane export lease. This was a hard battle, led by Landowners and Citizens for a Safe Community.

Port of Longview commissioners unanimously rejected the proposed Haven Energy propane export terminal Tuesday morning, voicing concerns about the safety and the true economic impact of the $300 million project.

The vote came after 90 minutes of testimony featuring a primarily negative response from the crowd of nearly 200 people. More than 20 people spoke against the project, while just half as many spoke in favor.

In Portland, the situation is not so joyful at the moment. Portland’s Planning and Sustainability Commission voted on April 7th, 2015 to support a proposal to build a propane export facility in North Portland.

We still have a chance to convince the City Council that Portland should follow suit in rejecting the frackin’ propane export terminal being proposed by Canadian tar sands corporation Pembina & the Port of Portland!

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