Break Free Global Action

Regional Break Free Action

May 13th - 15th, climate justice activists across the Pacific Northwest will gather in Anacortes, WA and in a creative demonstration blockade all entrances to March Point by land and water with hundreds of folks engaging in nonviolent sit-ins, blockades, and kayaktivism.

Break Free From Fossil Fuels is a global climate movement initiative to shut down the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects and support climate solutions that adress the actual circumstances.

To ensure a livable planet for our children and those in the global south we must transition out of the fossil fuel economy now. Current policies utterly fail to meet this urgency, and governments and industry refuse to engage in serious conversation about real solutions.

What is March Point?

March Point is home to 5 refineries in NW Washington. The Shell and Tesoro refineries on March Point produce about 40% of all the gas and diesel consumed in the NW; these companies and refineries represent the system we must swiftly dismantle if we are to limit global warming to 2°C temperature rise.

Shell is proposing to build a rail offloading facility on March Point that will increase the oil train traffic travelling along the Columbia River and through Western Washington by 6 trains per week.